Virgo 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

This year may be similar to 2016 in that the exciting stirrings you felt about love and social life will begin to take shape more rapidly. You’ll benefit from analysing friendships and weeding out those that no longer make you happy.

Who are your true friends and who are the fair weather friends? This is also a year for shaking up the status quo. Those who are unhappily married may choose to divorce, while those who are unattached may opt for marriage. Old patterns may shatter and be replaced by more viable new ones. All that you were may no longer be of value to you. Many breakthroughs in sharing intimacy will result in a successful love tie. You might want to experiment with different relationships if commitment doesn’t appeal. Go with the flow? Who knows where this new journey may lead? Love-at-first-sight encounters may continue to sweep you off your feet and take you to new heights. Crises that are experienced by married Virgoans will be instrumental in bringing about change for the better.

Career and Finance

Finances may become important towards end-2017. You’ll be able to see the connection between self-worth and net worth. As your sense of self-worth grows, so will your net worth. Your personal image will exude wealth and attract important attention. As financial matters improve during the year, you may enjoy the finer things in life. Organic health foods and a day at a spa may appeal. Property investments ought to fare well and you may consider going into partnership with someone close to you. But note the logistics before embarking on such. Venus, your career planet, retrogrades from May 17 to end-June. This indicates the potential for minor delays, while certain projects may be put on hold. Use this breather to investigate and research in greater depth. You may need to make the changes that will benefit your financial path around the eclipse on October 14.

What makes Virgo happy? Engaging in useful, profitable tasks that use the Virgo talent for ordering and analysis.


Your energy levels will still rise and fall as in the past two years but you are learning how to cope with the stressful patches and not allow yourself to be too wound up. You will need quiet times to relax, as well as exploring new ways and keeping fit, maybe even changing your diet to suit your lifestyle better. Take it easy in the month before your birthday and you will notice thereafter that you cruise along more smoothly.

Virgo in love

Your high expectations make it difficult for you to find a partner and you discard loves as fast as you find them, until you find the one love that stirs your heart. If you want a common bond you may look to your zodiac opposite, Pisces, who may be able to live up to your ideal. On the other hand, if you are unable to reach consensus with someone under this sign, you may derive what you seek from your fellow earth signs,. For a union that is free of irritation and full of understanding, you cannot beat an earth sign for providing you with the right energy and an interesting and exciting future.