Taurus 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

Your priorities change in 2017, as your romantic longings take a back seat. Friendships will be more important. You might spend hours happily chatting to a friend rather than woo a possible suitor.

This means that your social circle will continue to expand and that you’re likely to build deeper, stronger friendships during the course of the year. But all is not lost for those who are single and want to have fun: you’ll find that most of your engagements enjoy a lighter tone. Is the responsibility that comes with commitment and marriage a little daunting? This is a question that may cross your mind, although there is comfort and attraction in the stability that comes with marriage. Taurus, you may have to weigh the pros and cons on this one. Those who are married may be tested by outside temptations. If your marriage is strong, it will endure.

Career and Finance

You now have the freedom to shape your financial status into the image that you want. As earnings take an upswing, you may want to budget for a trip. If you seek an increase or promotion, this is your year to shine. You’re advised to maintain a monthly budget so that you don’t overspend on luxuries. Mercury goes retrograde three times this year, which may cause some confusion and financial misjudgements. Use your creative energies to make the most of your position and career. If you’re not expressing yourself creatively, you may become bored. Seek meaning and purpose in your work. That way you will gain personal satisfaction in what you do. By networking with the right people and being in the right place at the right time, advancement is assured in 2017.


Nothing major is affecting your health from a planetary point of view. But given that the influences are rigid and, as a fixed sign, you tend to stiffen, you could do worse than supple up a little as you go through till the second half year. Then you will find relaxing at home is the best preventative going. The other keep fit motto to have at the forefront of your mind is not to push against the tide. It’s a waste of energy tackling immoveable situations. Learn acceptance.

What makes Taurus happy? Being financially stable and comfortable in an emotionally secure relationship.

Taurus in love

You are capable of strong passion in whatever you do and, in matters of the heart, you combine this with an innate gentleness. You desire that which will endure under adverse circumstances even when you dream of the romance you really want in life. Your self-esteem is easily crushed. Scorpio, your zodiac opposite, can respond to your own feelings of passion and attraction but if you are averse to possessiveness, then you should look to your fellow earth signs, as they share many worthwhile character traits with you.