Scorpio 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

Love and marriage may be low on your list of priorities for the moment. This allows you greater freedom to explore who you are and where you want to go. Those who are attached will strive towards greater fulfillment, while those who are single may enjoy the social variety that freedom brings.

Friendships will be important and your social circle should expand joyously in 2017. Cultural pursuits or the arts are likely to enrich your life. If you’re looking for romance, you may attract it in some unusual places and meet someone who is very different from you. Don’t allow financial issues to spoil close relationships. Differences of opinion and power struggles can be resolved through co-operation and communication from both willing sides.

Career and Finance

Your interest in building financial and career interests continues in 2017. It’s time to take personal responsibility for financial matters, since you’re the one most in touch with your personal needs. Personal appearance can play an important role in creating an image of wealth. Are you dressed for success? Saturn may have offered resistance to smooth financial earnings in the past. But now this planet of restriction and responsibility is throwing a beneficial light your way and you can breathe a sigh of relief. The coast is definitely clear, as the horizon looms brightly. However, hard work is required to bring financial rewards; they won’t be handed to you on a platter. After September, expect even greater improvements in finances. You just can’t go wrong. Trust your intuition when making decisions about your spending and investments.

What makes Scorpio happy? Effecting positive transformation through the expression of your own passion and resourcefulness.


You know you need to keep fit since there are fairly heavy burdens on your shoulders. There should be no major problems from the planetary influences on your health, though you will need to keep in trim through February and March, when you will be working hard and could be slightly accident prone, or over confident about your limits. Take it easy in the four weeks before your birthday.

Scorpio in love

You withhold so much of yourself most of the time that you make it difficult for yourself to find a soul mate. You do not allow others to enter your heart or your thoughts, especially if you have been hurt. You have the ability to recover eventually. Your passionate equal will be found in your zodiac opposite, Taurus, although you will have to overcome being mutually stubborn as this could hamper your chances of happiness. Alternatively, you may look to your fellow water signs for what can only be described as power relating.