Pisces 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

Your social life is likely to expand as never before, as a number of social and marriage opportunities come your way. Marriage or a serious relationship is on the cards. Be careful of making a commitment if you’re one who desires an uncomplicated life.

You may feel a twinge every time you think of losing your personal freedom. You’re likely to experience a number of changes, while your partner may have difficulty dealing with your multifaceted nature. As your social circle goes up a notch, you’ll realise you’re mixing with the elite and powerful. Romance may come your way in the most unlikely places. Friends shouldn’t mind taking a back seat as romance takes the forefront. Give due attention to jointly held money and property should you decide to get married.

Career and Finance
Financial concerns are unlikely to predominate this year. Since your earnings may remain at the same levels, you may want to cut costs as a way of keeping up with inflation. An alteration in your values regarding career may encourage you to prefer increased status and position to salary. You may rid yourself of any ego identification with the things you own or value. You can cultivate your career through knowing the right people and making the necessary contacts. Networking is the key for you this year. Your formula for success is being able to maintain your status and prestige, while continuing to enjoy a measure of personal freedom. Increased confidence is the bonus. A career that involves travel and variety will be just up your alley. Boring routine work isn’t for you in 2017.

What makes Pisces happy? Acting for the higher good through dreaming the future into being.


Giving yourself a chance to wind down and get away from jangled influences around is a must. Health is as much psychological as it is physical. Luckily with Jupiter moving into Leo from August onwards for a year, your general physical health will also improve. Any ailments will recover faster than usual, and if you have none, you will be glowing with good energy.

Your eternal quest is to find a soul mate and despite the fact that this dream can be shattered, you persist because you seek true love. Without this, life lacks meaning. You are not too difficult to please, but you may aspire to finding ultimate perfection in another human being. If this materializes, you hope for eternal happiness. Virgo, your zodiac opposite, may fulfill your expectations but only if you both develop a special understanding of each other. If you wish for total oneness with your partner, try your fellow water signs. They can provide you with everything you want from a partner, although too much cozy oneness may become boring.