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egyptian horoscope 2017

Your astrological Egyptian sign

You are the Nile if you were born: 1 to 7 January or 19 to 28 June or 1 to 7 September or 18 to 26 November.

You are Osiris if you were born: 1 to 10 March or 27 November to 18 December.

You are Toth if you were born: 1 to 19 April or 8 to 17 November.

You are Horus if you were born: from 20 April to 8 May or from 12 to 19 August.

You are Amon-Ra if you were born: from 8 to 21 January or from 1 to 11 February.

You are Geb if you were born: from 12 to 28 February. From 20 to 31 August.

You are Anubis if you were born: from 9 to 27 May. From 29 June to 13 July.

You are Sekhmett if you were born: from 29 July to 11 August or from 30 October to 7 November.

You are Isis if you were born: 11 to 31 March or 18 to 29 October or 19 to 31 December.

You are a Bastet if you were born: 14 to 28 July or 23 to 27 September or 3 to 17 October.

You are Seth if you were born: from May 28 to June 18 or from September 28 to October 2.

Egyptian Horoscope – Nile

You have a sense of responsibility, a very clear pragmatism, a reasoning aspect always realistic. You go straight to your goals, no matter what obstacles you find along the way.
Your obstinacy and constancy are your strengths in all areas. Often taciturn, plunged in your deep reflections, you give the appearance of calm, because you are introverted and very master of you. You will need to rely on time to reach your goals, success comes with maturity and it is at this time that you can fully give the best of yourself.

In the Egyptian horoscope, you follow your laws rather than let you impose those of others. Your temperament is discreet and reserved, but you have great hidden abilities. Your apparent calm conceals a profound sensibility. You are hardworking, but you generally have to wait until you are mature to progress to the top, you are ambitious and responsible, able to climb all levels of any hierarchy.
Your qualities are rarely visible in your youth, which can lead to a feeling of inferiority. It is important to accept responsibility, because it allows you to become aware of your value. You know how to deal with difficult situations, your common sense always allows you to find solutions. You tend to over-cover your surroundings and overprotect it, while keeping your emotional distances. Your family roots are fundamental to your eyes, and if you do not have them, you will never stop creating your cell. One must first overcome internal psychological obstacles before being able to act in serenity in intimacy.
In your affective life described in the Egyptian horoscope, you approach feelings with seriousness. Beyond your apparent reserve, you are whole, absolute and passionate. You have a deep need for stability, but your modesty stops you. Only your deep and deep sensuality allows you to express your attachments with happiness and exaltation.

Egyptian Horoscope – Osiris

Among the symbols attributed to the Lion, in the Egyptian horoscope are several myths, including that of the “Far Goddess” which returns from the south a leonine form at the time of the flood. It is generally represented on the snake that represents the Nile of the flood. He lends his image to the goddess Sekhmet. You are endowed with an entire temperament and asserted. Sure of you because you are naturally inclined not to doubt your value, you have easy contact with others and therefore great relational facilities.

You do not envisage defeat and you know how to stimulate your entourage. Your magnanimous spirit earns you many admirers. You have ascendancy over others, and a vast power of persuasion. Your strength of will is clearly above average, and you possess a great creative force. You hate walking on your feet or encroaching on your territory. The Egyptian horoscope warns you not to switch to authoritarianism and self-complacency. You possess a sense of humor and derision that makes you enjoyable, but you tend to hide behind a mask in too many circumstances, which prevents you from being perceived for who you are, which then poses Problems and misunderstandings. You must learn to ask the right questions, this will help you a lot.

In the Egyptian horoscope, you appear unconquered, theatrical, magnanimous, aristocratic and domineering and all these aspects of your personality are led to evolve on the path of altruism. Distracted, often in the clouds, you have a broad view of life and the world, looking to the future. You are able to cool when it comes to unraveling the most difficult problems. Your values ​​of introversion and morality prompt you to spiritual elevation and humanitarian knowledge. In fact, loneliness does not frighten you, it seems natural to you at certain periods of your life, and allows you to structure yourself, because it gives you a great freedom that allows you to be more interested in others.

In the professional Egyptian horoscope there is in your heart an important need for recognition and you are urged to realize and perfect yourself, but you find it difficult to admit your mistakes, both to others and to yourself . You are inclined, in any case, to perfect yourself, for you do not tolerate your failures. You know how to simplify and synthesize in a broad sense better than anyone, which will be extremely helpful when you get to command. It would be positive to direct you to an independent activity because the ties of subordination are a brake for you. You have great potential for social success, it is up to you to use it or not: Your need to develop yourself and your accomplishments are the keystone of your success. You are able to become a specialist in the field you have chosen. Elegant and refined, you are also endowed with a great magnetism and you know how to show off.

Egyptian Horoscope – Toth
Also in the Osirian ritual, the god put to death will become the judge of the deceased and will preside over their judgment. You have inner perception qualities that allow you to probe the authenticity of others. These dispositions make you, in the Egyptian horoscope, extremely sociable and tactful towards others. You flourish in society, in the framework of associations, exchanges in general.

Your Egyptian horoscope asserts that you have a mind with a remarkable facility to bind people together, avoiding incompatibilities better than anyone else. Diplomat, conciliatory, you need harmony around you, and are very sensitive to the moods. Vulgarity horrifies you, conflicts are odious to you. It is in peace that you are able to flourish your personal potentials.

You tend to hesitate a long time and are capable of sudden head shots. The apparent peace of your character can sometimes give the impression of a submissive or fearful person. But you always keep your independence and you need to take the time to weigh everything down before making a decision. You adapt to the most diverse circumstances. You can make it an immense force, that is why the trades of a relational character are the most favorable to you, it is in this framework that you can evolve towards the most beautiful successes.

You are represented, in the Egyptian horoscope, as clever, lively, and extremely observant. You have a keen sense of justice and fairness, because you are naturally inclined to evaluate the most complex situations accurately and without cold. Sensitive to the beautiful, the forms, the aesthetic refinement, you like to surround yourself with beautiful things, your ideal living environment must express harmony and refinement, of which you have the innate need.

Egyptian horoscope – Horus
Your horoscope explains that you are endowed with a bold temperament. Luck comes to you in the most comical situations thanks to your ability to seize it on the fly. You have this facility through your intuition to come to anticipate the events you feel you can aim for.

Baseness and pettiness are totally foreign to you: Generosity is your religion. You oscillate between periods of laxity and powerful periods of action, but it is the action that best suits you. You are eager to surpass yourself, which reflects a deep dissatisfaction, an intense need to always go to better. This will to progress allied with your frantic optimism you vital momentum to achieve your goals.

Epicurean, excessive, your nature, expressed in the Egyptian horoscope, is malicious and audacious and makes you a good alive when it comes to enjoy the joys of life. On the other hand, you are able to go through periods of restriction and hold on instinctively forging a philosophy that will keep you faith in the future. You are generous, you attract confidences, your friends know that they will find a real listening to you.

Your optimism, as it appears in your Egyptian horoscope, is communicative you know how to motivate others better than anyone, you like to advise, teach and you are always ready to go out of their way for your surroundings. You find in you a blundering side that gives you some remorse, you do not support the criticisms, you pack, you can only have to feel. You have a social side because you are very capable of integrating yourself into the social structures that can serve your ambitions. Poorly supporting domination, you will be able to climb the ladder to escape. Similarly, professions related to commerce, foreign, professorship, sport, philosophy, law, religion are areas in which you can excel.

Egyptian horoscope – AMON
You are endowed, in the Egyptian horoscope Amon, with an entire personality, reactive and voluntary. Dealing with limitations, your instincts push you to move forward is not only a vital need for you but also your best asset because it is in this way that you flourish the best.

Entrepreneur, courageous, proud, you never admit you beaten. Your reactions are immediate and spontaneous, and as a result, you do not know how to cheat. You know better than anyone to say things frankly, as you think, it is for others to take or leave. Diplomacy is not your forte, because in the end, you need to feel completely accepted without half-measures and for you the most effective way is to fight for your ideas, to defend them if necessary with authority.

The unexpected described in the horoscope does not scare you because you are perfectly armed to face it, and you rarely suspect it. On the other hand, your insubordination brings you the greatest difficulty in accepting regulations and authority. Needless to try to impose you anything without sparing you! Your intelligence is dominated by a very fast perception that saves you time on others. Your problem would be to control this energy and this impulsiveness, not to break your head on a wall at the first corner. You have the soul of an adventurer capable of taking big risks.

Energetic, rash in the Egyptian horoscope, you need a goal that you would not have to blush to truly accomplish. You easily anticipate events. You can simplify difficult situations. Impatience and impulsivity are your Achilles’ heels: if you can admit that in some cases you must add a good deal of perseverance to your actions, you will be able to know the greatest achievements and give the full measure of your business spirit.

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Winter 2017 Horoscope for all zodiac signs

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

WEALTH – Without a doubt, prosperity awaits! You are deserving of the Pot-of-Gold. You possess the golden touch. Opulence. Nevertheless, be warned, that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Prepare for a job promotion and rapid advancement. A supportive Scorpio applauds, “Ain’t no mountain that you can’t climb.” Without a doubt, your assertive, engaging magnetism will catch the eye of numerous influential admirers. Be inventive, travel light, and take to the casino. Your lucky numbers are 12, 26 and 31. Focus on change, by way of a major move. It’s time! Everyone will be made aware of you fearless presen

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

ADVENTURE – In order to discover a new horizon, you must first lose sight of the shoreline you are leaving. Boldly go forth! Powered by naked optimism and an arousing zest, you truly are the comeback kid. Sensing however, a need to be disciplined, the resourceful and enduring charm of the courageous bull shall witness you actively seeking first place. Brave, as you just never give up, and you are to be rewarded when the winds of change shift in October. Be your persistent self, expect powerful results and play to win. A poisoned atmosphere fades. A trip to a far-away province brings happiness.

GEMINI(May 21 – June 21)

FREEDOM – A born rebel! You have the right to live as you wish. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, is the message from the stars. An increase in social activities will stimulate your quick and active mind. Roaring ahead of the competition, be sure to hold your head up proud. You are a survivor! Professionally speaking, December and January 2017 are in full bloom. Attracting the powerful and the wealthy by way of unexpected business contacts. You are a whirling fury of combative energy. Let no one get in your way. You are about to step on the most exciting roller-coaster ever, and a vibrant Taurus, a talkative Leo, would like to ride with you. Your lucky numbers are 3, 8 and 45.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)
LUCK – Be made aware that you are one-in-a-million. Oh lucky day, it is time to take a gamble! Your future is full of promise. Prepare, if you can, to experience a break-away performance. Anticipate energetic starts. Your psychic spirit soars, bringing a cluster of support. Accept the generosity of others, as an expansive mode creates room at the top. Others appreciate the past efforts made, especially enigmatic Scorpio and ambitious (socially-speaking) Libra. A tourist you become, as November brings the palm trees closer. Ignore the scorn of jealous hearts, and slap those bingo cards on the table, as lucky #’s 13, 29 and 46 bring results.

LEO (July 23 – Aug. 22)

DAWN – Twinkle, twinkle little star, “Who is the fairest of them all?” Without a doubt, it is you my pretty. Star quality. With clever and strategic moves the mighty lion roars across the landscape. A brave, yet benevolent season is upon you. Stellar results! Nevertheless, heavy is the head that wears the crown, as radiant events create an entertaining, yet controversial momentum. You intend to lead the way. A fortunate time to strike out on your own, to assert your commanding and influential individuality. A high-spirited december magnetically attracts the business acumen of shrewd Scorpio. Unexpected winnings are encouraged by fated numbers 10, 15 and 28.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

CARNIVAL – Life is a stage! Your vast mental riches will be expressed with flair and creativity. Love brings a gala affair. An adventure of a lifetime shall unfold as the leaves of sparkling autumn glow brightly. Oh, you of the dedicated soul… December will not disappoint, as doors of opportunity invite you in. Others are finally starting to listen, to appreciate your infinite wisdom. Bringing progress to you by way of special projects and out-of-province travel. Enigmatic Cancer delights in revealing past secrets. Realize that good things are on their way and be assured that your lucky numberss 21, 24 and 47 intend to make you richer.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

MYSTERY – You are alluring, enchanting, and oh-so-tempting. Hot! Magnetic attraction awaits, as your passionate destiny beckons. A potent symbol, in the spirit of … the times. Zeitgeist! The cultured and the wealthy have a place, “just for you” at their table. Membership indeed does have privileges, and an ambitious Leo senses you are a diamond in the rough. You are worthy, as your diplomatic nature is being sought out. Showing courage in the face of adversity, the irreverent leader is born. December brings play and travel, but January presents many a daunting task. Lucky numbers 5, 19 and 49 signal a jackpot.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

UNKNOWABLE – You must not fear the future. A vital, compelling quest attracts wisdom, secrets, spiritual healing and sacred knowledge. Talented people of power and authority bow to you. Held in high-esteem! The prevailing trends forecast that “the best is yet to be.” Others, especially vibrant Libra and wise Capricorn, will want to join your winning team. An awesome insight activates, energizes. Strong, shrewd and courageous, the demonic magnetism of your captivating soul brings forth wondrous bounty. A new partnership shall take form in the early days of stimulating October. Rising above your peers. Be aware that lucky numberss 6, 22 and 27 favour you.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

RECOGNITION – It’s your time to be “discovered”, to have fun in the sun. You are a unique, sexy treasure to explore. Wickedly smart! An inner quest for deeper meaning in your life, combined with the forces of fated change, are the catalyst for a complete shift in career. The hour glass is due to turn, as all aspects of your life go through a dramatic transformation. A golden breakthrough brings smiles from a loyal Cancer, and the past hopes of loving Scorpio resurrect. The changing stage will ultimately demand all you have to give. A smiling fate knows you shall be rewarded with lucky numberss 4, 7 and 25.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

WISHES – You are granted three wishes. Sudden financial gain is indicated, advancement in career and luck in romantic affairs. Nevertheless, let it be known and understood, that sometimes you have to go down to go up. Do not see certain delays as set-backs. Never look back, for you are indeed “moving on”. A shrewd Pisces spirit nominates you, and fate predicts that you are the favoured, happy child of fortune. Explosive circumstances thrust you forward… enroute to an eventful October that clearly demonstrates your ultimate worth. A charming Libran soul shines. “Simply the Best” is your motto, as stylish numberss 11, 30 and 42 deliver the wheel of fortune.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

NOBILITY – You possess an aristocratic aura. Such grandeur of spirit is not common. With magnanimity, the whole world adores you. Passionate ovations strongly suggest that crimson October has you coming in from the cold. Your “modus operandi” has that restless spirit in overdrive… life moves rapidly into high gear. Go for it, elevate your status, seek and ye shall find. Bristling with brilliant ideas, has the powerful, enigmatic mind of Taurus paying close attention. Others fear your surging popularity, as the suspicions of Virgo detect an innovative entrepreneur is emerging. The power of the universe is in your hands, as you select lucky numberss 9, 16 and 44.

PISCES (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

HARVEST – You are entering a fertile season. November shall be “unforgettable”. Carefully cultivate your abundant skills. Prepare to amass a fortune as fortuitous numberss 14, 23 and 39 are as if divinely sent. Get out of neutral as a fruitful period, especially December through to January, is upon you. Special projects are brought to a successful closure. Warm climates and passionate hearts beckon soon after. You are a free spirit with a remarkable genius. Stop giving it away, and “yes”, you have been told this before! Discovering new horizons, as you depart far from familiar shores. The weak best prepare to surrender to your lead, as the vitality of Leo penetrates your heart, and lucky numberss 14, 23 and 39 fill the piggy bank.

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THE SIXTH HOUSE – the House of Health

The Sixth is probably the most unglamorous, underrated and overlooked area of the horoscope in most astrologers’ eyes, governing boring routines, hard work and petty beaurocracy. Add to this list small animals, illness, nasty medicine and basket weaving, and a pretty unappetising picture emerges of this apparently most mundane of ‘mundane houses’. I think it gets overlooked in large part because it governs activities which we do in order to do something else. The issues of work and health, however, are so fundamental to most people that they overlap into practically every other area of life, so whether we like it or not, it is as well to attend to the concerns of the ‘engine room’ of the birthchart.

Health is, famously, one of the main things we take for granted, so this may also provide an explanation why the 6th is so under-appreciated. It may seem strange to give a talk about the 6th without talking in much depth about health matters, but then, I am not a medical astrologer. Medical astrology was once one of the cornerstones of the art, and in my experience of consulting, it’s the most asked-about matter after love & money. I often wish that I could be of more assistance, but it’s a sensitive, complicated, almost taboo area to discuss in relation to astrology. I do have a couple of charts of sportsmen that I will discuss later in relation to their general health and well-being.

The ancient style of presenting astrology in a series of aphorisms seems to derive from a time when the whole philosophical climate was different. The majority people probably believed in the Christian faith, and would not necessarily go to an astrologer for spiritual or metaphysical guidance. Hence we have a generally more down- to -earth astrology dealing with more mundane material matters. The same is true in the Vedic system, where astrology has its own place, being mostly concerned with knowledge of the future, and techniques of self-realization are dealt with elsewhere. Astrology has always been part of occult philosophy, parallel esoteric tradition, but in the modern secular world, it has become elevated to the status almost of a self-contained religion, expecting it to provide us with all the answers. Of course we have the Theosophists to thank for that, and now that it is here we can’t undo it.

As the natural home of Virgo, the Sixth is an ‘Earth-house’, though it is connected neither solely with money, or necessarily with career ambition, but forms a link between the two. Everyone needs money (Second house), but the Sixth relates to relatively menial work we may do to support something else we really aspire to (Tenth house). Thus it is known as the house of ‘adjustment to necessity’ and ‘deferred gratification’, and many budding actors or musicians, for example, with planets in the Sixth can be found working in offices or waiting on tables and bars during the day. Older authorities refer to the Sixth as the house of ‘sicknesse and slavery’, and while at least half of this hoary definition no longer applies, anyone experiencing a difficult Saturn transit of the Sixth today will realise that the ancients were simply ‘telling it how it is’. When one loses sight of the gratification one is supposedly ‘deferring’, employment becomes mere wage-slavery, and one’s health often suffers as a result.

People with prominent planets in the Sixth generally have at least one thing in common, namely: a keen understanding of the technical aspect of their trade. No matter if they are an artist or an artisan, a brain surgeon or a bar tender (the world’s most underpaid psychologists), there is a certain craftsmanlike approach which characterises their life and work. It’s an attitude. One could identify a person with, for example, Mars in Aries in the Sixth house as a natural leader in the workplace, but someone who is not necessarily pushy outside this environment. They may study the relevant skills and go on Effective Leadership courses, but to them it’s simply their work, no more, no less. Similarly, the poet with the beautifully aspected Venus/Neptune conjunction in the Sixth may sit at his desk in pensive mood for a fixed length of time each day, and then go out for a stimulating walk at a certain hour, because that is how he approaches his ‘trade’.

He is referring to a boxer here, who could: “Take a man out with just one punch”, like Muhummad Ali, perhaps, who has the Sun in Capricorn in the Sixth. Behind even Ali’s apparently spontaneous and instinctive genius lay an analytical mind, someone who well knew the importance of technique throughout his career, and who would adjust his method to suit the challenge of his various opponents. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in this house, Ali might have been expected to have a slightly more modest and understated approach, but as he said: “It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am.”

Had a very difficult life, despite all his fame and fortune. Saturn in 10th House ‘doth cast men from their preferment’. Ruler of the 6th in the 10th, almost as famous for his illness as for his boxing. Stripped of his world title in 1968, because of his refusal to fight in Vietnam – which meant three years in the wilderness at what would have been the height of his career.

In any case, it’s the chart of a self-confessed obsessive. An obsessive football fan, who measures his life out in Arsenal fixtures. Anyone who has read Fever Pitch might recognise the elaborate rituals that he constructs around his footballing fixation, and the amazing knowledgeable-ness that marks him out. Fever Pitch is actually not the best example of Hornby’s Sixth House-ness: his second book High Fidelity shows this much more clearly. A fictional record-store owner maps his love life out in his favourite records and obscure B-sides. [etc…], categorising records and making irrelevant lists of otherwise unrelated songs. The book actually opens with him making a list of his top ten most painful relationship break-ups.
This illustrates the Sixth-house type’s ‘know-all’ tendency, what in collector’s circles are known as ‘complete-ists.’ ‘I have the complete collection of Grateful Dead bootlegs’ for example. I think the ‘complete-ist complex’ is simply a kind of perfectionism, the desire for a sort of abstract Ideal. Both Hornby’s books have become best-sellers and instant classics, so there must be many people out there who share this outlook on life.

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Beauty Horoscope for this fall

Aries: (March 23 – April 20)
Your Look:
Red is one of the hot fall colors this year, and that’s always good news for Aries — a sign with a very special relationship to the red planet, Mars. You’re not afraid to be noticed in a sassy scarlet outfit, a daring slit skirt, or a pair of knock out high-heeled black boots. Don’t be afraid to buy at least one wild item of clothing that you won’t wear after this year. The thrill of wearing it will be worth it.

Your Love Life:
In September you’re too busy with work to give much thought to relationships, but you’re still up for having fun! By mid-October you’re back in the interpersonal groove. Single Ariens may find themselves getting serious. November brings fun and happiness — and everything you could wish for personally and romantically. The onset of winter puts lovers in a cozy, nesting mood, and existing relationships become even more committed and fulfilling.

Taurus: (April 21 – May 22)
Your Look:
You’re never one to choose fashion over comfort, so you’ll be thrilled with the fabrics and eminently wearable styles this fall. Cotton or silk, velvet or jersey — whatever gives you the luxurious texture you need — that’s what you’ll wear. You’ll be a little wilder with color than usual; take your usual soft blues and pinks into bold, electric intensities. Let a few patterned pieces slip into your wardrobe. To feel extra-special, get at least one beaded or highly detailed article of clothing this fall.

Your Love Life:
Romance blossoms in early fall, and true love follows a few months later. You’ve been through the emotional wringer and back again this year. It’s your turn –at last — to win the Cosmic Love Lottery. Life may be a little crazier and more topsy-turvy than you prefer, but that will only add a dash of spice to the mix. An exotic Thanksgiving vacation with a loved one cements your romantic bond.

Gemini: (May 23 – June 21)
Your Look:
This fall you’re on the hunt for cool patterns. Go for a wild crocheted outfit or add a demure embroidered edging to your jeans or skirt. And be on the lookout for decorative patterns in all shapes and sizes: crocheted, lacy, beaded, embroidered, sequined, printed or dyed. Funky and fun accessorizing is a must for you. A fringed tote, beaded obi, or fake-fur shrug can dress up last year’s clothes with flair.

Your Love Life:
You aren’t taking any more nonsense in your interpersonal relationships, and this fall any emotional slackers can pack up their bags and go! You’re still in the mood for fun for its own sake. You’ll be romantic, flirtatious, and carefree with the best of them. By now you know the difference between a fling and a serious relationship. You just won’t have time for flings that aren’t fun or serious relationships that aren’t serious. Use your Gemini expressive talents to make sure others know exactly where you stand!

Cancer: (June 22 – July 22)

Your Look:
You’ll be very busy as the fall season opens. Your active schedule requires clothes that move with you, don’t take too much special care, and look great in a multitude of situations. Try jersey or a light wool and lycra blend. Great cuts that don’t require a lot of accessorizing will be a must. Long skirts will appeal to your romantic, old-fashioned sensibilities — and the thigh-high slit will appeal to your sexier side. You’re not into showy colors this fall. Mix the deep sensuous grays with black and steely blue.

Your Love Life:
This fall you’re looking for friendship. You need a honey who’s eager to stay up all night, just talking. Mad, passionate, rake-you-over-the-coals love is not necessary right now, thank you very much. Your nesting instincts are surging, and you’re set to spend a cozy winter with someone you really love and who really loves you. Even if Mr. Right has yet to appear, you’ll be okay with your status. In early fall family and friends can bring you more pleasure than any false Romeos could. By Christmas, your wild side reappears and romantic opportunities perk up again.

Leo: (July 23 – August 23)
Your Look:
Fashions this fall offer plenty of dramatic looks to satisfy your need to make a statement. You can always work with feathers and faux fur. Designers find classy ways to incorporate showy elements into their collections, and this appeals to Leo’s taste for extravagance. Do outrageous things with color. Wear white when everyone else is wearing black. Mix and match multi-colored items, and of course, wear lots of red and gold. For your encore, leave a little room in your wardrobe for one simple, sleek, knock-’em-dead black number or a pony skin three-quarter length coat.

Your Love Life:
You’ve got the energy, but your interpersonal skills need a little tune-up. This is your season to learn the fine art of communication in relationships. Practicing mirroring techniques with your sweetheart increases intimacy. If you don’t have a steady, practice with friends and part-time lovers. The effort won’t be lost. Show them that you really hear what they’re saying, and make sure they do the same for you. That way, if conflict arises, you’ll have the tools to help you handle it productively.

Virgo: (August 24 – September 23)
Your Look:
Invest in at least one expensive item this fall and do your incomparable mix and match with cooler-than-they-know bargain buys. Fabulous black lace, flared pants are in all the fashion magazines. They’re exactly the sexy-but-classic look a demure temptress like Virgo needs. They may cost slightly less than the down payment for a house, but you can find a reasonably priced alternative. Muted colors are your favorites: dark blue, black, brown, gray, warm olive, a hint of mulberry. Just to be kooky, allow for golden threads in subtle patterns. Subtle Indian and deity prints appeal to your sense of play. Dabble in the bohemian with an Indian print bag or exotic sari.

Your Love Life:
September may be low-key, but by October you’re butter for everyone’s bread — at least they’d like you to be. Expect one of those wonderfully puzzling times when everyone is seems to be falling in love with you. You’ll have no complaints about that, but a current love may need a little prodding to recognize what a prize he has. In October and November, your homework assignment is to look up the word, passion, in your dictionary. It’s the word with your picture next to it!

Libra: (September 24 – October 23)

Your Look:
Libra prefers a mixture of classic (aka, expensive!), timelessly fashionable clothes with one or two outrageous attention getters. This fall, you’ll emphasize the understated, classic side, with subtle, textural details. Plush, cozy, natural fabrics that caress the body will appeal. Wear them in smartly tailored suits that drape beautifully and have a little stretch. Go for grays and blacks, but mix in some camel, lavender, and royal blue — just to keep things interesting. For a bit of sophistication, invest in a pair of knee high boots. A snake skin clutch is a clincher.

Your Love Life:
September is active and social as friends and lovers clamor for your attention. By October you may feel more private and homebound. The fall is pleasant enough romantically, but in November and December your inner wild-woman returns with a vengeance. You’ll want more than just a good cuddle, and you’ll get it! Opportunities for fun, passion, romance, and play arise at every turn. Fires revive in existing romances, and single Libras won’t remain single for long!

Scorpio: (October 24 – November 23)

Your Look:
Black is Scorpio’s favorite “color” — for fall or any season. Leather, velvet, fur, or fake fur –whatever is sexiest and sensual — that’s what you’ll go for. Select from an array of great choices for you. Try new the new stretchy fabrics that don’t look shiny or lycra-like. Big bell-bottom pants and flared sleeves lend drama and style. You’re never afraid to add bright red accents or to mix a designer jacket with a body-hugging tee. A sexy pair of boots is a must for you — the higher, the better.

Your Love Life:
Scorpio’s love life gives off steam this fall. You’ll enjoy making the social rounds like never before and learn a thing or two about what makes a real relationship work. Romance and passion keep things hot, but you’re more concerned with doing what it takes to make your intimate relationships work. Communication is the key. Although you may pass over a few rough spots, you’ll make huge strides in your ability to hear and be heard and to talk about all the important stuff in a relationship.

Sagittarius: (November 24 – December 21)
Your Look:
Denim is the fashion news flash for you this fall. You may go for those designer denim pants with feathers on the cuff — like the ones that incited a riot between Madonna and Lauren Hill — or you may prefer or something a little more down to earth. Either way, you’ll take that work-a-day fabric where it has never has gone before — and you’ll make it work. Your flair for the foreign gets lots of room for play. Take exotic prints from India, from subtle to sensational. Don’t settle on just one color palette when you can sample from a delicious rainbow of colors. All will flatter you!

Your Love Life:
Workplace romance beckons for single Sagittarians this fall. There’s nothing like the prospect of flirting to make you look forward to your workday. Take your time and make sure that it won’t interfere with work. Attached Sagittarians will be grateful for the warmth and comfort of love at home, especially after long, grueling (but very successful!) days at the office. In September and November, you are hot — passionate, dynamic, and more charismatic than a roomful of preachers.

Capricorn: (December 22 – January 20)
Your Look:
Capricorn’s look is sleek and subtly sexy this fall. Trim, tailored lines, with a daring neckline, unusual hem, or other distinguishing characteristics are just the thing for you. Add warm accents to your customarily conservative dark colors. Gold and burnished red add depth and warmth. Leather and lace, yes. Pony-skin pantsuits, no. The right impression is all in the details. Incorporate jewelry, belts, or shoes to perfect your look and add pizzazz and style to even the simplest outfit. Exotic accents work well for you too.

Your Love Life:
September may be a little cool, but in October you’ll unleash the passionate demon smoldering inside you. Watch out! When Capricorn decides she’s in the mood, the world turns somersaults. You have a broader, more philosophical outlook on life and love than ever before, and your openness brings astounding pleasures your way. Foreign people and places will add color and fascination to your days — and nights! Be prepared to take off on a moment’s notice!

Aquarius: (January 21 – February 18)
Your Look:
This fall you can try out all kinds of fabulous new fabrics. Among this season’s must haves for adventurous, iconoclastic, and idiosyncratic Aquarius are shiny metallic-look fabrics, plastic-like cloth, and faux-leathers. More conservative Aquarians can also enjoy some exciting new looks. Try new fabrics that offer an elegant sheen and soft, effortless drape — fake furs and crushed velvet in unusual, electric colors and cuts. You’ll find your own way to show the world what individual style really means.

Your Love Life:
Aquarius is the compelling enigma that everyone wants to figure out — including your partner! You’re not sure what to make of all the attention or the strange nature of some of it, but you’ll enjoy being regarded as such a glamour puss. Some heavy-duty delving into your past can help you complete a difficult passage in your love life by the end of November. You’ll relax into the winter with a renewed sense of passion, love and acceptance.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 22)

Your Look:
As your career soars this fall, you’ll be dressing for success. No boring man-tailored suits for tender, mystical Pisces! The sheer, shimmery fabrics and inspired embroidery of the fall collections allow you to bring romance and magic to everyday office wear. With your glamorous touch, one special accessory can utterly transform an otherwise ordinary outfit. Softer fall colors are best for you — dove gray and heather — but add unusual, striking accents with adventurous accessories, just to maintain the mystery.

Your Love Life:
Casual relationships get sweetly serious, and serious relationships get sweeter still. Don’t shy away from talking about the hard stuff — like commitment. This is definitely your season for love — the real thing. You might have to have a few discussions along the way. Don’t let a slow start in September fool you. You’ll be super-busy. You may even have to take your workaday show on the road, but love will still find a way to seep into your life. Expect a glorious autumn.

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November 2016 monthly horoscope

Out of sorts lately? Put your life back in balance with this plan: First, take a firm stand in a tricky emotional situation. Then ask your man what’s troubling him; it’s the only way to find out what he’s really thinking. By focusing on the issue, you’ll cut through the confusion.


Great changes are ahead. This month you’ll be forced to deal with things you’ve been avoiding. You can make your love relationship more profound, or mend a family conflict, if you bravely tackle the problems. Remember, you are the strongest force in your life, so act like it!

It’s time to confront what’s real in your life. You want a relationship based on true communication and honesty, but you’re not sure your current partner is right. Trust yourself: Your doubts are there for a reason. Listening to your intuition will help you find true happiness!

Your chart has two strong themes this month: creativity and love. You’re unsure about undertaking a work project, but raise your hand and say, “Yes, I can!” Don’t worry: It will be a success. You and your man are about to enter a magical, passionate period. Have fun!

Major changes will rock your world in November, more for the better than for the worse. Don’t be afraid of moving forward; great things are ahead! In love, your patience has paid off: The rough times with your man are over. He’ll make a real commitment to you soon.

Reflect on the struggles you’ve faced this year and give yourself a big pat on the back — you deserve it! Great opportunities lie ahead; your man is going to be more attentive and loving than ever. Forget your insecurities: Now’s the perfect time to make a gutsy move.

This month, heed this warning: Don’t pull away from your man. He’s going to need your support as he faces a personal challenge. Work harder and you’ll find the brainpower you need to reach a goal. Your ability to captivate others has never been more evident, so put it to good use!

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This year you’ve moved through work and love-life problems, but lucky for you, better things are to come. You’ve got the vision to make great things happen in your life. What’s the best news of the month? Your man is more attentive than usual. Don’t question his gestures: Just sit back and enjoy.

This is your month to find emotional freedom, but only if you take care of yourself first. You stand to gain everything if you separate yourself from a conflict that’s not yours. Go ahead with a plan that will indulge your creative spirit. Remember, you’re the adventurer of the zodiac!

Feeling unfulfilled? Overwhelmed? Stop avoiding what’s causing your sleepless nights and have confidence in yourself: You’re worth much more than you give yourself credit for. Someone you meet later this month will greatly influence your inner growth; you’ll need her soon.

You need to lighten up! Stop concentrating on the negative. Relax and reconsider what really makes you happy. It’s time to get on with a new mission! This autumn is charged with fabulous passion: Get ready to spend some extra time between the sheets with your man.

You need to ask yourself this question: Are you willing to settle rather than do what really makes you happy? If the answer is no, have the courage to take a risk and find a career path that truly fulfills you. This crisis will actually bring you and your partner closer together.

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October 2016 monthly horoscope

You’ve been in limbo, waiting for something to finish or to get an important answer. In the meantime, you’ve learned how tenacious you are. Your patience will pay off, because an old problem is about to be solved and your deep attachment to someone will be revitalized. From here on, follow your heart and you’ll be more fulfilled.

You’re an incurable romantic who’s about to confront a life-changing love decision. As unwilling as you are to make a final move, remember: Don’t put what is practical above what can become magical. You’re almost psychic in your intuition about how much your loved one needs you.

Enough is enough! You’re in a tizzy because of others’ demands, so you must start saving yourself for a select few. Turn toward a plan of your own and you’ll change your help-all habit. Say yes to a short trip and look for good money news (it will make being in love fun again!).

You’re finally changing from an apprehensive person into an adventurous one. A brilliant creative project is looming, so stop acting as a bridge between difficult people. The only role you should play now is protector of your love relationship — you’ll need to keep it sexy and real.

You’re desperate for more fulfillment, joy, and just plain escape from confusion. Once you make a difficult decision, you’ll get all three. Discard the restrictions you’ve put on yourself and let the thing you long for be your beacon. All will go well with an adventurous plan that includes those near to you.

You need peace and security, so you’re stressed by the disorder in your love life. When you think about what’s going on, does it mirror an event that troubled you a long time ago? If so, this could be your chance to make things turn out right. Remember, you’re the pivotal character in your drama and you will get what you want!

You’re a long-time people pleaser, but this past year has taught you that your opinion of yourself is what really counts. You’re ready to embark on an adventure that the old you wouldn’t have dared to think about. To get started, be assertive with someone you love (you’ll discover something wonderful about him or her!).

This month brings you luck in love and money. You’re bound to a man who adores you, and you’re both trying to fulfill the same dream. Your methods of achievement are very different, so stay focused on the goal and you’ll both reach it.

You’re treasured for your supportiveness, but sometimes your desire to help is interpreted as a need to control. If you let a loved one make a decision without you, he or she will be drawn closer to you. Let go of others’ problems. You’ll gain freedom to launch a great plan.

Are you really ready to make a new beginning? You’re not getting the support you want from the man you love, but don’t lose faith in him. Trust your insight into his heart and your relationship’s strong foundation. Take a bold action and your connection will be more secure.

You say you’re not fond of risks, yet you keep pushing the envelope and evolving. Now is a good time to showcase your newest skills and rely on your unique style. If you’re yearning for intimacy, grab your lover’s hand and discover new ways to have fun together.

You’re happiest when you’re helping others, so you should be in ecstasy now. Instead, you’re feeling resentful. To break out of your sacrificial mode, act on a romantic fantasy with your man and enjoy passionate lovemaking.

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September 2016 monthly horoscope

Phew! A money problem practically vanishes, and now you can leap toward a project that delights your heart. What you’ve hoped for (a trip to a new destination or an artistic venture) will happen. As for your complicated tie to someone close, relax and just concentrate on your cushion of support.

You’re sometimes accused of bossing others around, even though you’re just trying to be involved. This month, all the interference you’ve run for a loved one will come around to reward you. You were right to invest your time and energy, because now you’ll be number one in this person’s heart.

What do you secretly crave in return for all you give? Praise and acknowledgment. But you’re not getting either, so you’re feeling a tad bereft. However, you can soon focus on yourself and launch a grand enterprise of your own. You’ll learn — again — that when you believe in yourself, you win big-time!

“Caring” comes to mind when describing you, but don’t let your sense of duty to others keep you in a give-all, get-nothing arrangement. If an outsider zaps the energy you’d like to devote to your family, give him or her the heave-ho. Happily, the full moon (on the 15th) greenlights an idea that will make your love life more exciting.

You’ve been circling around a relationship problem, but this month marks the end of your avoidance. First, you must be honest with yourself about your desires. Then you can put your heart on the line (even though it will make you feel very vulnerable). The payoff: You’ll gain the lasting support of the person from whom you need it most.

A money or family snafu triggers an old bad habit. Stand back and assess what’s happening. Are you hoping to fix someone you’re close to? If so, stop trying to control him or her. Then be clear with those connected to the problem about what you can and can’t do. The person who should be taking responsibility will step up to the plate.

Your balance is out of whack because you won’t confront someone you find intimidating. The issue that’s bothering you will keep bubbling to the surface, so it’s time to act on your feelings. The best thing you can do is be real with this person. You’ll discover that honesty is a great strength.


You’re like a rubber ball that keeps bouncing back. Yes, you’ve suffered a painful loss. But think about how it’s freed you to make a much-needed change. Someone you’re deeply connected to wants you to make the first move. Take that scary step forward and you’ll make intimacy bloom again.

Desperate for some romantic fantasy, you’re frustrated that there’s no magic in your relationship. Surprisingly, the secret to hotter passion is to change your behavior. (By doing so, you’ll inspire him.) Sparks will fly if you commit yourself to a plan that excites you both. You’ll set off together on a life adventure.


Known for being the strong, silent type, you’re brimming over with powerful feelings. Just let them rip, and see how drastically you’ll improve an important relationship. This month, you’ll also break out of a creative rut. A winning idea is buzzing in your bonnet. Go for it — you’re too gifted not to stretch your talents.

You’ve lived through a lot of upheaval lately, but you’re no longer on shaky ground. You still face a decision about a close relationship, so remember that the differences between the two of you are what make your bond strong. Focus on the goal you both want, and you’ll build a firm foundation. You’re powerful because of your ability to love.

You have a quirky playfulness, so use it to defuse a touchy sexual situation brewing between you and your man. Believe it or not, this is bound to be one of your most romantic cycles. If you take charge, you can revitalize your sensual relationship. You’re adept at reading hidden passion signals — trust your radar!

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Discover Your Sun Sign Birthstone

The Sun Sign Birthstone is the gemstone that corresponds to your sign of the zodiac. Because the signs start at the middle of the month, your Sun Sign Birthstone can be different from the usual birthstone for the month in which you were born. For example, a Gemini born in May is accustomed to having the Emerald as his or her birthstone, but the Sun Sign Birthstone for Gemini is the Agate.

Gemstones radiate energies that can bring out specific powers, feelings and capabilities in the people who wear them. Many astrologers and other new age spirituality practitioners believe that the energies in certain gemstones reflect the qualities of particular signs of the zodiac.

The gemstones listed here are those traditionally associated with each Sun Sign. Because astrologers tend to disagree about the assignment of gemstones to certain signs, these descriptions should be regarded with some healthy skepticism and flexibility. Where a traditional gemstone assignment felt just plain wrong to us at Astronet, we took the liberty of assigning an alternative stone.

Knowing your Sun Sign Birthstone gives you the option of wearing that stone when you want to feel more like yourself or when you want to bring out the most conscious aspects of your personality. The Sun Sign represents your sense of who you really are in your heart. If your Sun Sign gemstone feels wrong to you, browse through the descriptions and choose a stone that feels right!

Sometimes a variety of other stones may feel right to you. That is because your astrological “make-up” consists of many influences that reflect the positions of Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth. For example, the position of planet Venus, ruler of love and attraction, may sit in a sign entirely different from your Sun Sign. Accordingly, when your mind turns to matters of love, you may instinctively gravitate to gemstones that reflect the sign of Venus in your birth chart. By obtaining your astrological birth chart, you can choose a different gemstone at any time to bring out a different side of your personality — even if only for a day!