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October 2016 monthly horoscope

You’ve been in limbo, waiting for something to finish or to get an important answer. In the meantime, you’ve learned how tenacious you are. Your patience will pay off, because an old problem is about to be solved and your deep attachment to someone will be revitalized. From here on, follow your heart and you’ll be more fulfilled.

You’re an incurable romantic who’s about to confront a life-changing love decision. As unwilling as you are to make a final move, remember: Don’t put what is practical above what can become magical. You’re almost psychic in your intuition about how much your loved one needs you.

Enough is enough! You’re in a tizzy because of others’ demands, so you must start saving yourself for a select few. Turn toward a plan of your own and you’ll change your help-all habit. Say yes to a short trip and look for good money news (it will make being in love fun again!).

You’re finally changing from an apprehensive person into an adventurous one. A brilliant creative project is looming, so stop acting as a bridge between difficult people. The only role you should play now is protector of your love relationship — you’ll need to keep it sexy and real.

You’re desperate for more fulfillment, joy, and just plain escape from confusion. Once you make a difficult decision, you’ll get all three. Discard the restrictions you’ve put on yourself and let the thing you long for be your beacon. All will go well with an adventurous plan that includes those near to you.

You need peace and security, so you’re stressed by the disorder in your love life. When you think about what’s going on, does it mirror an event that troubled you a long time ago? If so, this could be your chance to make things turn out right. Remember, you’re the pivotal character in your drama and you will get what you want!

You’re a long-time people pleaser, but this past year has taught you that your opinion of yourself is what really counts. You’re ready to embark on an adventure that the old you wouldn’t have dared to think about. To get started, be assertive with someone you love (you’ll discover something wonderful about him or her!).

This month brings you luck in love and money. You’re bound to a man who adores you, and you’re both trying to fulfill the same dream. Your methods of achievement are very different, so stay focused on the goal and you’ll both reach it.

You’re treasured for your supportiveness, but sometimes your desire to help is interpreted as a need to control. If you let a loved one make a decision without you, he or she will be drawn closer to you. Let go of others’ problems. You’ll gain freedom to launch a great plan.

Are you really ready to make a new beginning? You’re not getting the support you want from the man you love, but don’t lose faith in him. Trust your insight into his heart and your relationship’s strong foundation. Take a bold action and your connection will be more secure.

You say you’re not fond of risks, yet you keep pushing the envelope and evolving. Now is a good time to showcase your newest skills and rely on your unique style. If you’re yearning for intimacy, grab your lover’s hand and discover new ways to have fun together.

You’re happiest when you’re helping others, so you should be in ecstasy now. Instead, you’re feeling resentful. To break out of your sacrificial mode, act on a romantic fantasy with your man and enjoy passionate lovemaking.

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