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November 2016 monthly horoscope

Out of sorts lately? Put your life back in balance with this plan: First, take a firm stand in a tricky emotional situation. Then ask your man what’s troubling him; it’s the only way to find out what he’s really thinking. By focusing on the issue, you’ll cut through the confusion.


Great changes are ahead. This month you’ll be forced to deal with things you’ve been avoiding. You can make your love relationship more profound, or mend a family conflict, if you bravely tackle the problems. Remember, you are the strongest force in your life, so act like it!

It’s time to confront what’s real in your life. You want a relationship based on true communication and honesty, but you’re not sure your current partner is right. Trust yourself: Your doubts are there for a reason. Listening to your intuition will help you find true happiness!

Your chart has two strong themes this month: creativity and love. You’re unsure about undertaking a work project, but raise your hand and say, “Yes, I can!” Don’t worry: It will be a success. You and your man are about to enter a magical, passionate period. Have fun!

Major changes will rock your world in November, more for the better than for the worse. Don’t be afraid of moving forward; great things are ahead! In love, your patience has paid off: The rough times with your man are over. He’ll make a real commitment to you soon.

Reflect on the struggles you’ve faced this year and give yourself a big pat on the back — you deserve it! Great opportunities lie ahead; your man is going to be more attentive and loving than ever. Forget your insecurities: Now’s the perfect time to make a gutsy move.

This month, heed this warning: Don’t pull away from your man. He’s going to need your support as he faces a personal challenge. Work harder and you’ll find the brainpower you need to reach a goal. Your ability to captivate others has never been more evident, so put it to good use!

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This year you’ve moved through work and love-life problems, but lucky for you, better things are to come. You’ve got the vision to make great things happen in your life. What’s the best news of the month? Your man is more attentive than usual. Don’t question his gestures: Just sit back and enjoy.

This is your month to find emotional freedom, but only if you take care of yourself first. You stand to gain everything if you separate yourself from a conflict that’s not yours. Go ahead with a plan that will indulge your creative spirit. Remember, you’re the adventurer of the zodiac!

Feeling unfulfilled? Overwhelmed? Stop avoiding what’s causing your sleepless nights and have confidence in yourself: You’re worth much more than you give yourself credit for. Someone you meet later this month will greatly influence your inner growth; you’ll need her soon.

You need to lighten up! Stop concentrating on the negative. Relax and reconsider what really makes you happy. It’s time to get on with a new mission! This autumn is charged with fabulous passion: Get ready to spend some extra time between the sheets with your man.

You need to ask yourself this question: Are you willing to settle rather than do what really makes you happy? If the answer is no, have the courage to take a risk and find a career path that truly fulfills you. This crisis will actually bring you and your partner closer together.

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