Monthly horoscope October 2017


While a slow and patient approach doesn’t always compute, you can achieve a great deal this month by taking it slightly slower. Even though you would prefer to speed through your routine and make massive and extra rapid progress, a subtler take may be more for the long haul. With the presence of Saturn in a wonderful position, you have the potential to get thin and also stay in optimal condition through October. The best part of all is that your new schedule doesn’t have to feel like a teeth-clenching regime, but you actually appreciate the good feelings it is bringing you. So being well-behaved and disciplined becomes a spontaneous state of affairs, because you see immediate and practical results for your efforts. The high-spot of the month is undoubtedly the Full Moon in your sign on the 17th. This brings you a feeling of emotional contentment and a kind of luminosity and glow that draws others towards you. So plan something for this day, which has a sense of occasion and excitement about it that chimes you’re your Aries spirit and feels like your second birthday.


Mars, the planet of energy and initiative remains in your sign this month, putting a large rocket under all your activities. It may be hard to remain sitting still, so if you are sitting down all day, then it is extra imperative to get out and make sure you get some exercise. Otherwise, you could find your frustrations boiling over and relations with your friends and family getting somewhat tetchy. The potential benefits, however, are quite enormous, and if you want to sculpt your muscles or firm up your thighs, then you have all the necessary firmness and determination. Your impulsiveness can do wonderful fiery things in your favour, making you stand out from your usual sweet, laid-back manner. After the 8th, Venus the planet of beauty and seduction moves into your health and beauty zone, so it may be as well to compare notes about your appearance with someone close to you. Asking a girlfriend whose taste you trust to give you an opinion may be the way to get the best from the times and to get your image absolutely spot on before you put it before the public.


You start the month off in especially excellent shape, with a confident, carefree attitude that brings out the best in your appearance. Everything feels like it clicks into place, and the less you have to think about composing your image, the better you seem to look. After Venus, the planet of grooming and appearance moves signs on the 8th, you may decide to go for a more open and exotic look, perhaps influenced by a foreign country or culture. You have got a lot going for you, but going a little bit further and trying for a slightly more daring dress sense could pay dividends. Venus is also patrolling your relationship zone, so you can further enhance your impact by paying careful attention to someone and making sure you put yourself over in the best possible light. There could be someone with wide-ranging interests and great stories to tell, who can teach you a very great deal about the world and its ways. In any case, your life is lightened considerably by having great company around you, and you are prepared to go a long way to please people and keep them by your side.


There are many highlights to the coming month, which you would be wise to make the most of. You can spend as much time as you like at the hairdressers or at the gym, teasing and stretching yourself into the most desirable condition, but planetary support adds a certain extra touch that can’t be bought out of a bottle. Venus, planet of beauty and seduction sits in an advantageous position after the 8th and enlivens the health zone of your horoscope, so try getting into shape by playing games, rather than simple repetitions at the gym. Tennis, squash and team games all provide excellent laughs as well as getting your heart-rate moving in the right direction. The favourable Full Moon on the 17th is also an excellent time for feeling good and a luminous inner glow shows you off to the very best effect. Grooming and luxury at the sauna, steam room or massage emporium provide pure escapism and you should walk out feeling several inches taller. If you need to talk to someone, or think on your feet, then Mercury the planet of communication sits in a potent position after the 9th, so some sweet talk could be coming your way.


The most important point of all is to pace yourself this month. It may feel as though there is an enormous amount to do, even though you haven’t quite got the energy to cope with any of it. This is entirely OK, and while your vitality is slightly below par, indulge yourself instead with therapies and treatments that take the edge off your weariness. It may not be the time for extravagant aerobic exercise, or taking on lots of overtime, but more a time for cooperating with your boundaries and limitations. You may wish for a complete change of look at this time, with a radical haircut or purge of your wardrobe leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. You can carry this off outstandingly, of course, as long as you don’t go too far and end up with an overly hard or severe image. While you have had some great inspiration for your image and your love life lately, it is only now that you start acting on them and bringing them out. Not every brainwave will come off perfectly, but the Full Moon on the 17th sheds light on your best ideas and brings them out into centre-stage.


You are still intrigued by a wilder and more exotic image this month, and may go to great lengths in your experiments to pull it off. The fact is you aren’t exactly sure how you want to look, but you definitely want to present yourself in a radically different way than ever before, and in striking contrast to anyone else in your circle. So you may try alternative colours and unusual combinations in a quest to find the magic blend. This is probably the best approach while rebellious Uranus is in such a challenging position, and the last thing you want is a rigid or uniform outfit to tie you down. The Full Moon on the 17th may be the point where you finally crack the elusive dress code, more by restless imagination and a willingness to back your own ideas than any prearranged plan. You are also drawn to unusual types of relationship at the moment, perhaps a guy who is different from your usual date. So keep your eyes open! You want to be with someone of course, but you also appreciate your freedom and it is a special kind of person who allows you to have it.


The first fortnight of October offers so many opportunities for excess that you will need an especially iron will to keep in condition. Between the helpful influence of both Venus and Jupiter, you are in a great space, but also caught in a double-whammy of indulgence that may result in a few extra pounds piling on. Certainly, a fuller figure is quite easily achieved, but if you are trying for emaciated chic this month, it maybe better to wait. Try to steer a middle course, and give yourself enough treats without going over the top. Even though you feel very good inside yourself, exercise is probably the last thing on your agenda, so the only way is to take reasonable precautions and try to keep a balance. The Full Moon in your opposite sign on the 17th emphasises your relationships above all else, but it’s also a time when you may feel tired. Better to be with someone who understands you, or if you are trying out somebody new, be cautious about giving too much away at the beginning. Cultivating a slight air of mystery leaves plenty to be explored later on and the relationship can only move in an upward curve.


With Venus, the planet of beauty going through your money zone from the 8th, this is a month to spend a little extra on looking your best and most alluring. You have an edge when it comes to spotting bargains, but if there is something you see that makes you wonder whether you should splash out, the chances are it’s yes. So if an item of clothing screams out at you from a shop, give in to the impulse, even though it may be something you wouldn’t normally wear. Even if this new outfit only gets an airing once or twice a year, it can always be relied upon to make the right impact. One thing for sure is that your first instincts are sound, so go with your gut feel in matters of taste. This applies to your love life too, with Mars still present in your relationship zone. Though this may make for a rather fiery and tempestuous atmosphere, it also gives you the power to make a quick judgement. Rather than wait for a long time to take a decision about your love life and where you stand in relation to someone, you know instantly and instinctively what to do.


Venus, the planet of love and seduction goes into your sign on the 8th, giving you a precious head start in all these areas. You find that you feel more sociable and more willing to mix, and a special aura seems to surround you that cannot fail to make you popular. You can also add patience and perseverance as strings to your bow this month in pursuit of your perfect look. Usually your great reserves of fire and get up and go only last for a limited time and you are prone to letting a project slip once the initial enthusiasm has worn off. Now, however, you can see a diet plan through, or stick with your gym subscription for longer than the introductory period. With Pluto, the planet of power also moving forward once again, you are able to do more and go further, although this may also give you a rather fanatical edge. Try to keep some perspective therefore, and see your desired shape and self-image as a means to an end rather than an all-exclusive target in itself. The super Full Moon on the 17th also adds a great deal of spice to your romantic prospects, so aim to make a new date or first contact around this time.


Mars stays in a friendly position with you this month, allowing you to keep your fitness and general energy ticking over without steam coming out of your ears. Nothing feels like hard work and you can also slot exercise into your daily routine in the subtlest, yet most effective ways. Walking or cycling are more interesting ways of getting around and they beat endless repetitions on a treadmill or static exercise bike. This is also an excellent time to assert yourself effectively. You put yourself across in a no-nonsense way that people around you find quite inspiring. So if there have been any ‘crossed wires’ with those closest to you, you cut through any misunderstanding and spell your message out loud and clear. If a polished professional image is on your mind, the New Moon on the 3rd gets October off to the best possible start. You can look reassuringly competent at this time, setting your boss’s mind at rest while not conforming slavishly to a pre-set appearance. This is generally a time when you attract influential people into your circle and start to realise the possibilities of using your personal charm.


If you have been lost in your own world of imagination lately, then a wake up call isn’t always the worst thing. While you have had plenty of ideas about how you would like to look and how nice it might be if you could pull it off, your ruling planet Saturn has entered the picture now to help you do just that. Even though you may be feeling rather tired and uninterested at first, the prospect of an amazing image should tempt you into trying. Between the inspiration that seems to be a permanent feature in your world lately, and the driving discipline now on offer, you can achieve a striking and startling impression. So act upon your fashion plans and don’t let them dissolve into daydreams that never come to pass. The initial push may take much out of you, but the effects achieved give you full value for your endeavours. There are lots of things working in your favour also, with the prospect of your social scene being enlivened after the 8th. With Venus patrolling your favourite friendship zone at this time, you may meet or be introduced to someone you see the sense of, and your world suddenly seems far softer and lighter.


You should be looking and feeling your best this month, with a great deal happening to back you up. You are still in a somewhat rebellious mode, which is probably reflected in your dress. So if you have recently dyed your hair bright orange as a reaction against your old image, then this is just about what to expect! However, you can transform these excesses into something more acceptable, and yet still stand out from the crowd. Run with the changes and if you can shape and adapt your radical image for the right circumstances, then you really may be on to something. The Full Moon on the 17th falls in your financial zone, so this will be an excellent day to dress up, and perhaps attract someone who can bring some of the finer things into your world. Whatever you decide to buy, be it clothes, phone, makeup or music player, then go for the very best, because you deserve it. Between this financial fortune and the favourable position of Mercury, the communication planet, your charm and persuasiveness are working on overtime and it’s an all-round time to focus on the fun side of life.