Monthly horoscope November 2017


You are a character of very fixed and determined opinions and don’t like changing position once you have made your mind up. Sticking to your course is bound up in with the idea of honesty and integrity, and you want everyone to know exactly where you stand. This applies from the biggest love and relationship issues, right down to staying loyal to a certain brand of lipstick. Nobody can say you are not committed, but there are times when it pays to be flexible. Mars, your ruler, goes back on itself on Wednesday 14th and this is the point where you have to think again. Your energy has come in odd bursts recently and success in any given thing depends whether you are in the right mood. A project or creative task you started, like dance, music, or fashion, has to be re-thought and possibly re-started in the light of new information coming through. The first hint comes on the 9th, with the New Moon in your sign. Take this moment to look ahead and if there is any suggestion that your artistic aims need a different approach, then try again. This is not you being disloyal or unfocused, you are just playing the situation smartly.


Outstanding offers have been made to you and you want to see them through. You are in a lucky position, so make the most of the time. Your world has expanded and there is a greater sense of new possibility around now than since you can remember. The future is bright, but you can make it even more sparkling by following up in a practical way when you get exciting new leads. If someone offers you part-time work, then always ask for more –the job is destined for you and nothing is to be lost by being more ambitious. If you have found a subject to study that suits you and fires up your imagination, then stick with it and you will do fantastically well. Jupiter, your ruling planet is on the last lap of your sign and soon it will be on its way. It makes you positive, optimistic and lucky, but you have to follow the good fortune up while it is here. Your attention turns to what you are going to do with your college certificates and qualifications, and you want to make a real statement of your career. By Wednesday 14th, your plans change as you realise an ambition takes longer to fulfil than you first thought. This is only temporary, of course, so understand that change comes anyway and you can make the difference on your own terms.


You are a leader by nature who likes taking the responsible role and being the main person in charge. This is where you work best and many people are happy leaving you to it – but sometimes you have to share power and credit. Mars, the planet of action, is in your relationship zone for the whole month and a sense of competition is strong in your affairs. You cooperate and keep your cool whenever you can, but someone is acting in a very provocative way. They want to get a reaction out of you, on the basis that any response is better than being ignored. Whichever way, you have to find ways of being together, otherwise there will be an eruption where all the pent-up feeling spills over. By the 14th, the situation turns around and perhaps it is you who becomes very demanding – you expect commitment and for people to be right there beside you. It is a fantastic time to get together and do more as duo than you ever can as one. It doesn’t have to be all work, either. If you propose an evening out where you can use all your energy up dancing and having fun, nobody minds if you take the lead.


A big boost in handling your relationships comes by Friday 9th. Venus, the planet of love and beauty goes into an outstanding place and it is easy to deal with everyone and know exactly how to be. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle your commitments and you have to focus on work or academic duties before getting into your social life. Not now! With Venus doing great things, you want to be with friends and you have the right relaxed, charming attitude that draws people towards you. The New Moon at the top of your chart, also on the 9th, is a new beginning and adds extra emotional spice into your affairs. You have an ambitious attitude and giving someone some good understanding is an excellent way of getting ahead. Sometimes there is more to promotion than having the right qualifications on paper, so be sure to be sympathetic when you have the chance. You have bright ideas as well and it pays to speak up with your opinions and people take notice. Later on in the month, the Full Moon on the 24th is an outstanding time for dressing up and celebrating the new you. The pressure of recent time has vanished and you can treat yourself to parties and nights out as a statement of how you mean to go on.


There is lots of good luck around you this month, if you are prepared to stay the course. By the 11th, you are thinking clearly and your college and academic work comes through much more easily. If there is a subject you have been struggling with, then a flash of understanding comes and you are soon on the road to enlightenment! It is amazing how much lighter and better you feel once you are thinking straight. You are still in place where you want to make an impression and go against the expectations friends have of you. So if you usually dress quietly and keep things understated, this is the time you dye your hair orange and wear something totally outrageous. This is sure to shock, at a time when you feel people in power have an especial amount to say about your choices. There is a fine line between being a colourful character and fitting in sweetly with public opinion. There is a middle way! You can conform up to a point, while making sure to emphasize your individual talents and quirks. This way you make an even bigger impact and people see you are being cute. The Full Moon on the 24th has all the right romantic vibes.


The sense of ease and expansion in your world is intoxicating. You feel that you can reach out and achieve anything you want, and once you have done it, then move on to something else. All sorts of possibilities present themselves, especially through the channel of education. At times, getting the right qualifications seems like going through the motions and you are not sure what to do at the end of it. But with Jupiter, planet of optimism, going through your travel and study zone, academic work takes on a fresher and more exciting tone. You are wrapped up in the potential of your chosen subject and do outstandingly well as a result. Make the most of this wonderful period, as the time moves on and it is over by the end of the year. Ask for more and better, and expect to get it. Work harder and be more ambitious. Venus, the planet of love, is in your relationship zone from Friday 9th onward and brings people close to help you on your journey. You do a friend a great service by making introductions on their behalf or being very supportive if love tangles come into their life. You are not generally known for your powers of diplomacy, but there is nothing you can’t turn your skills to this month.


This is the time when you start proving to everyone what you can really do. Your classic Taurus qualities of steady perseverance and an eye for quality come into their own and you are moving in a definite upwards direction. Saturn, the planet of success, sits in a perfect alignment now and rewards your patient efforts. A look or image you try out first time around may not be an instant smash, but you keep going, settled in your own ideas. Such strong conviction cannot fail to be rewarded, but keeping going in absolutely key. You are attracted to guys with a bit of spark and intelligence this month. Mercury, planet of communication, goes through your relationship zone, and someone who is witty and lively, and who makes you laugh, is in with a definite chance. The New Moon on the 9th may be a moment when you feel rather tired, but if you make the effort to go out, you will be surprised at the attention you receive. You prefer the company of one well-chosen person at this point, than being surrounded by lots of friends competing for your attention. Your best day for romance is Friday 23rd, when you have an edge over everyone and you feel you can always go one step further.


Relationships are key this month and you stand to get the best from everyone you know. Ideally, you are looking for a partner who has a wide vision of the world. You want someone who has travelled, read, and puts all your clever observations into a bigger picture. This is precisely who you can expect to attract, with Jupiter, planet of good fortune enlivening your relationship zone. Look for a guy with a bright gleam in his eye, who doesn’t come on with the usual polite openers, but gets straight to the point. If he wants you, he will let you know immediately, with no messing around. This may take you back a little, but it is a welcome challenge, and you find he has more about him than there appears on the surface. Venus, the planet of love, does marvellous things for you from the 10th onwards and you can handle any personal situation. You keep things in a perfect balance and don’t let your duties overtake the critical business of your social life and evenings out. The Full Moon in your sign on the 24th is the outstanding moment of the month, when you have energy, looks, drive and a definite charisma that sets you apart. Conduct all your important affairs at this point wherever possible.


You are in a big hurry this month and are determined to demonstrate how strong and capable you are. Mars, the planet of dynamism, is in your sign, making you very different to your usual shy and sensitive self. You want to stand out and stand up for yourself, especially in areas where you feel you have been ignored for too long. This may be at home, in the classroom, or in love, where you are highly passionate and impulsive. You wish to make a big statement in your relationships, maybe going with someone completely out of character or against your usual type. If someone makes you an offer or shows great interest, then it is wise to wait a little, even if you are tempted. By the 15th, Mars turns around on itself and you may wish you took a little longer before giving a commitment. A plan or project that you set your heart on takes longer to fulfil, but this only make eventual success all the sweeter. Mercury, planet of the mind, is in great shape from the 11th onward, and you should find academic work easier in this period. Time spent over the books is well rewarded and you have a clear idea of how to use the information you are studying.


It’s a great time to band together with your close friends and come up with something creative. You are in a dreamy, imaginative frame of mind and have a sweet and idealistic attitude towards your loved ones. This makes you highly popular, but you have to make sure you are relating to who is really there and not just who you believe to be there! It is easy to give some people wonderful qualities that they may or may not actually have. A good way of dealing with this is to share ideas and combine your talents. You can come up with something wonderful in art or fashion and it also gives you something in common, a sense of shared purpose together. Instead of feeling competitive about your clothes and image, you welcome other people’s ideas and arrive at an even more stunning look. Venus, the planet of beauty and diplomacy, is in a strong position from the 9th onwards and you are a more experienced person now, someone to be reckoned with. This allows you to take centre stage and have people around who help you achieve your aims. The Full Moon on the 24th hits your friendship zone, and this is another perfect moment to mix and make the most of your contacts.


The time for talking is definitely over and you are on a positive and practical mission. Your mind is on your work and on the future. Friends see you as being in a serious, focused mood and you don’t seem to have much time for slacking off or doing anything not strictly necessary. If you are studying, then the books take up lots of your time and you are absolutely intent on getting outstanding results. For sure, all this effort makes you tired and the essential thing now is to pace yourself. You can’t do everything at once. As impossible as it seems, you must learn to take it easy and relax. You have high ambitions and put big expectations on yourself, but anything worth doing is also worth taking time over. Saturn, the planet of success, is in your sign and demands that you take a longer view and get things absolutely right. Whether it is your looks, your part-time job, or your education, nothing is gained by taking short-cuts. The rewards are considerable. With the right attitude, you set yourself up for a long time to come and put essential tasks behind you that you will never have to face again. If you want a night out to forget yourself completely, Friday 23rd touches all the right magical buttons.


You are an ultra-Libran this month. From the 9th onwards, as your ruling star Venus goes through your sign, you are charming, diplomatic and ‘in love with love’. Flirting and romantic games have never been so much fun and you luxuriate in the company of friends and admirers. This is your idea of a good time anyway, but your prospects are especially outstanding through November. Making extra effort with your wardrobe is well-rewarded, but you have a special aura that defies any attempt to create, copy or contrive. It is just in the nature of the time that your inner glow makes you more attractive and lets you know exactly how to handle people. The Full Moon on Saturday 24th is a great time for expanding your horizons and perhaps having a trip somewhere for a short time. Company should be easy to come by and spending time away with someone is a great way of getting to know each other. Playing the matchmaker for others is also well-starred and you can win goodwill by being a good listener for a friend. The 26th especially is a great day for making an effort for someone else that pays off for you in the longer run.