Monthly horoscope July 2017


With your ruling planet Mars in a more comfortable position this month, there is no need to convolute or over-complicate things. You don’t have to weigh the consequences, second guess the issues, or try and keep one step ahead. Just go straight ahead, say what you mean and ask for exactly what you want. Take no nonsense from anyone and dish none out. If things get sticky around the 23rd, you may need to find a Plan B for a special social occasion, but this turns out to be a welcome test of your powers of charm, persuasion and ingenuity.


Getting the right words out poses problems in the earlier half of this month, though things look more promising by the 26th. Putting yourself over in a plausible light at the workplace proves more difficult than you intend, because you are not sure how to portray yourself. Are you an aggressive career junkie with an eye on the big job, or a dedicated idealist happy to provide a service? If your aims and ambitions aren’t answered by your ordinary occupation, then it’s time to summon up your strength and make a move away from the mainstream.


Special days signified by Venus veering through your sign this month may not signify much, but it won’t stop you enjoying the experience. Hazy light, soft edges and a sweet sensation of drinking in the best of life may not open doors or awaken your mind, but you’ll cope. You are seen in an admirable aura and an oasis like this opens up outstanding possibilities, when people think you have time for them. Make sure you mark the moment with a suitably swish social event, and console yourself with the prospect of connections set in concrete.


Facing up to important projects that absolutely need to be addressed isn’t always a welcome experience. While you would rather go about your business and leave the heavy lifting for some other time, this option may not be open to you now. Before you roll your eyes up into your head, however, take heart from the fact that trouble shooting tedious tasks lurking in the corner of your consciousness is a liberating feeling. Embracing enforced change also brings relief as the pieces on your personal chessboard are rearranged to spring you into a positive position.


You may enjoy the coming month, but be careful the reckless energy raging around doesn’t land you in a retrograde position. Speak up and speak out, say what is on your mind of course, but remember the company you are keeping. Telling the boss what is troubling you and what you really think is a fantasy scenario, but you are all too likely to act upon it now. If there’s really something you must get off your chest, try and use a little tact, especially around the 11th, to ensure your bravery and honesty doesn’t leave you with your walking shoes.


Putting your heart back together again can be slow going, but the results become more obvious as you move on. A healing, helping hand has been extended to you and the world seems alive with possibilities. Hold off on the comfort food however, for the full feeling following you around demands satisfaction and your enlarged appetite for life may start to show itself. Engaging your energies into just one endeavour is an enlightened use of the time, which well handled, leaves you with a lasting monument to the time when you finally found your feet.


Pushing ahead with work is worthwhile for the wider picture it gives on what you are doing. Your burning ambition may be tested by bosses, and your competence contested by co-workers, but what you really want is a little freedom from the norm. More excitement, better options, finer skills and perhaps prospects for a future that is yours to seize and shape. A career shake-up doesn’t have to lead to a break-up, so your revolution can comfortably take place within the confines of what you are already doing. But the changes have to come.


Life takes on a more flamboyant flavour this month, when you feel the time has come to flaunt what you can do. An injection of Mars confidence gives outward expression to the sense you have had for some time that all is right in your world. People may be surprised at your sudden showy self, but the worst that can come of it is the question on everyone’s mind: ‘why aren’t you like this more often?’ The way you feel at present reflects the real you better than when you are in reserved mode, so don’t hide your light for fear of giving too much away.


Your relationships are set up in such a way that you can benefit from someone else’s good mood this month. While you may not like being dependent on this rather unpredictable factor, you can relax in the knowledge that people in general present you a smiling face and like having you around. Going along with plans put forward by others can also lead to profit and if you have any business propositions yourself, then there may be someone around waiting to hear them. Put your faith in partnership, and pleasure shared will be pleasure doubled.


In time, you may learn to welcome your present trials for the perspective they offer on where you are heading. While your energy is low and morale may be needing a massage, don’t push yourself too hard, but give yourself some time away to consider your position. Take it easy. If it were not for the obvious pressure being put on you at present, you may persevere with paths that are totally inappropriate for you. Soon, your strength and willpower return, leaving you feeling lighter and less burdened, like a load has been lifted from your limbs.


Disputes with those closest to you may turn out for the best if an important truth gets aired. Tackling a tough topic head-on may be a hard threshold to cross, but if someone sees that you are sincere, you may yet win the day. Your current feisty mood may also overcompensate for recent times when you have been too easy-going and were willing to believe what somebody said. However, the full Moon in your sign on the 31st adds an attractive aura around you that allows you to smooth the edge off your words, and ease the impact of your impatience.


Big characters in your love life will have their work cut out if they want to impress you or grab your attention. Your new idealistic outlook allows for no interference and you have decided the time has come to do something about the daydreams you would like to live out. The favourable position you are in means you can have fun and be free while keeping crucial career balls in the air, so you should seize upon this while it is working for you. A gentle, painless revolution is all that is required to rev up your routine, with no need to throw anyone overboard.