Monthly horoscope December 2017


Instead of your usual in-your-face attitude, you may settle for a little subterfuge this month. Your ruling planet is in a strong place, but one signifying a more understated style and there is a definite need for discretion. So, if you have important plans to carry out, especially in close conjunction with a partner, either professionally or at play, then keeping your cards close is the way forward. People may not credit you with such an inscrutable approach, but you have the chance to show them there are subtler shades in your personal palette.


People close to you hold the important cards this month, so forging friendly alliances points the way to success. This calls for all your consensus-building skills to come to the fore, not to mention some delicious match-making mischief you can throw into the mix. If you can keep your patience and see the sense of even the most peripheral people in your circle, then good times are guaranteed. The 21st promises the most outstanding opportunities, when the earthy energy offsets your outspokenness and invests you with an enviable empathy.


With joyful Jupiter hitting all the right spots for you, there is a tempting table of opportunities groaning before you. Sometimes it doesn’t take actual events to make your month, but you have the right blend of optimism and willpower to express yourself, reach out and make all the difference. Believing the best is often enough to bring it about, so this is a perfect time to make your own luck. All it takes is for you to keep faith with yourself, not try and manufacture your openings, but let providence take care of the details.


Sometimes you just have to wait for the right moment. You are not known as an assertive sort, but even more than usual, you can make your will prevail without others realising how you do it. Certainly, you have more than your fair share of charm, or it could be just an impression you create when you have plenty of time for people around you. Up until the 26th, however, you can propel yourself into in positive position, enjoying the place where work doesn’t feel so difficult, and finally getting out of the grey area that has ground you down for so long.


Until the middle of the month, you may struggle to find the right angle of approach in your attempt to enlist others’ support. A too intense outlook may be a symptom of your wider frustration, though try not to flag up your feelings too fervently. After the 17th, you ease into your stride and those closest to you approach with a more amiable attitude, sending your social credibility through the roof. Mars moving into alignment at the back end of the month further solidifies your standing and makes sure your year ends on the highest note.


Your desire to show a different side of yourself through a relationship is sure of success this month. You have the right intention, energy and approach to make sure no-one doubts you are a changed person. However, if you are still holding out for cosy, conventional coupledom and can’t work out why others are not on your wavelength, it could be time to take stock. Freedom is what you are holding out for, but it’s hard to find someone to depend upon. Firing up your inner rebel is the ideal response and others can come onside as they may.


Everyone occasionally goes through a purple patch when everything they touch turns to gold. It is your turn to try a taste of magic this month, as you arrive at a place that sets you apart. Your horizons are broadened, your spirits lifted and the only way to treat yourself now is to think massive and go for the best. You don’t need a social whirl, nor an exhausting love life, gold medals, or laurel wreaths to feel like royalty inside your own skin. Make a deal with yourself to rise beyond the mundane and make this a time of sweet music and momentous memories.


Passion can get scary sometimes, even for you, but this month you positively favour a little fervour to enliven your daily round. You are not the sort to scream your intentions from the rooftops, nor give too much away if things aren’t going exactly according to plan. Better to keep people guessing and not allow them the satisfaction of seeing you strive. However, it’s hard to keep your competitive streak secret now, so set are you on scoring points from rivals around you. You are making the most of your talents to be sure, and no-one can last the pace with your intensity.


You have the reputation of telling a thing how it is, with little regard for the wider consequences. However, this generalisation glosses over your subtler skills and the restless mental engine that growls behind your guileless exterior. You are showing exactly what a diplomat you can be this month, taking into account everyone’s interests and coming to a balanced decision. No-one thought you had what it took, but look at you now. You are proving what a polished performer you can be, posting a warning to people who presume to prejudge or pigeonhole you too soon.


Long distance runners talk about a point called ‘the wall’, which comes at the three quarters mark in a marathon. You have now reached this spot in your ambitions and if you can see your way through, your second wind is not far away, and you can finish strongly. Much of what you have been through lately is frustrating, but you will look back on your experiences as teaching you what you truly desire, and not what you thought you wanted. A sense of priority prevents you wasting energy on pointless missions and guarantees future personal bests.


If a sense of aimlessness overcomes you, try to think of a more idealistic target to strive toward. The important changes happening now affect how you see the world at a deep down level and how you see the whole thing hanging together. You want to make the world a better place, but the way you go about this could do with some fine-tuning, for what is the point of rising to the top of the pile without a wider purpose? This is the thought preoccupying you, but the answer comes in a sublime way not arrived at by purposely pondering the problem.


In addition to the impulse you have to upset the applecart this month, you can add staying power and canny calculation. There is quite a lot outstanding before you reach the ideal of freedom you seek, but all the necessary steps seem to happen of their own accord without apparent effort on your part. There is no use settling for a safe half-way house – nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way you operate is likely to satisfy. Take heart, however, for you are energised, motivated, you have an end goal in sight and in short, you are looking pretty good.