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Main astrological events for 2018

Great agitation on the side of the planets! Neptune and Pluto fight mercilessly. The winner ? You! At the key, a new breath and a renewed freedom. A few turbulences will cross this year of transformations, to better reveal a horizon nicely cleared. Acording to this astrology website the year 2018 will be the year of all the metamorphoses.


With Venus in your love area, you can experience a thunderbolt under extremely romantic circumstances. As for those who are already a couple, they might well want to offer themselves a romantic getaway. In any case, you will multiply delicate attentions with regard to your beloved. To consolidate your bonds if necessary, you can count on this aspect of Jupiter. It is also an ideal aspect to get married or to decide.

Do you like change? You will not be disappointed. Here it is, with its lot of turbulences, holes of air and volatiges. The arrival of Pluto and Uranus shattered your little certainties and your comfort. New career choices, new projects, new ideas to realize … Your destiny is now in your hands. Do not let go. Even if you find that the price to pay for this new freedom gives the vertigo – the 1st decan especially is concerned. No more cabotage, you are now in the open sea and you have to stay the course despite the gales. Hang on. The cruise will be agitated, with strong winds and radical challenges. But at the end of the journey, a new port, a new house, new habits. Your horizon widens with Jupiter until June and your relations with your loved ones are harmonized. From the summer until the end of the year, once you are used to your new homeland, you will give your family the most attention. Some will marry or make a baby.


This position of Mercury indicates that you are at this moment in a period of reflection concerning your love life. It is by accepting lessons from the past that you will be able to adapt your attitude and your affective demands in a way that will make you feel more serene and happy. Plus, Venus, the goddess of love, will help you make the right choices and make the most of your sentimental life. If you live alone, a beautiful meeting is quite possible.

Here are fourteen years that you are looking at the navel, that you are introspective and that you have finally found who you were. It would be time to move on and take the bull by the horns. Get out of your shell and break the mirror. The chick has to accept to become a duck to have a chance of turning into a swan one day … Life is not always a part of fun, but it is not a solution to avoid the fight. It is in the confrontation that you will reveal yourself, not in narcissistic solitude. Beware, your loving, friendly or professional relationships are likely to suffer the consequences. The best and the worst can happen. But even the worst is better than the stepless, right? Perhaps a marriage in perspective – 1st and 2nd decan especially – or a separation? The fact that you are willing to become an adult is likely to upset some of your loved ones. So be careful. With Pluto that will not let go of a soles, you will go in search of new truths. Jupiter will support you until June, ensuring better management of your assets. Trust him.


Seductive in the devil, you will have the charm of the winners to whom nothing and nobody can resist. Precisely, your spouse or partner will not want to resist you, and your relations will be placed under the sign of pleasure and passion. Those of you who have experienced dissension within their couple will have the opportunity to make a clean sweep of the past and start on a good footing. If you are single, you will affirm loud and clear that marriage is not for you. However, the person you meet this time will so violently burn your heart that you might very well change your mind!


In love, this period will certainly be marked with a white stone. You will be relaxed, well in your skin, and this beautiful balance will have happy repercussions on your life as a couple. You will want to strengthen the ties that bind you to your spouse or partner and build, over time, an increasingly solid happiness. And the circumstances will provide you with the possibility. For you, bachelor, the moment could mark the beginning of a great passion – a passion that will turn into a lasting love, to the point of making you want to sacrifice your dear freedom. In short, there will be marriage in the air!

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