Libra 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

This year will most likely maintain the current status quo. If you’re married, you’ll probably stay married and, if you’re single, you’ll remain unattached. The focus may not be on dating as much as it is on feeling content about the ways things are.

Last year’s friendships should continue to sustain you. Family members who are ill will require your tender loving care at the beginning of the year; you may be expected to place some role in making sure that matters are handled properly. Spending time alone early in 2017 might help you gain incredible insights and you’ll also emerge with an improved idea of what you want in relationships. Make sure you make the proper arrangements and even consult someone you trust if a family member wants to borrow money. That way you’ll avoid conflict at a later stage. Key to happiness and success this year is finding the balance between work and play. Lean to say “no” should demands overwhelm.

Career and Finance

Since you’re likely to feel more relaxed about your financial situation this year, this may help you attract greater prosperity. The stress you experienced about money is over, which should help you achieve your goals more easily. New opportunities may arise after September. If you feel your job is going nowhere or that you’re in a rut, strike for gold by showcasing your talents and excellent work record. You may feel as if you’re constantly driven. Once you’ve mastered a particular job or task, you may want to take that next rung up the corporate ladder. Some Librans may opt for freelance positions that allow them more freedom of movement. You’ll not achieve success without hard work. Don’t expect everything to plain sailing. But with self-discipline, realistic goals and a time management program in place, you can reach the rewarding heights you deserve in the area of your expertise.

What makes Libra happy? Living a life of balance and harmony with fairness as one of the chief qualities in a close relationship.


Keeping fit and staying supple will be important in what could be a marginally tense year for everyone. There are no major planetary influences over your physical or psychological health, but you do need to stay on top form to enjoy the benefits and sidestep the effects of the odd pressured patch. Take time out in September before your birthday to chill out and wind down.

Libra in love
You can speak volumes about lost loves and daring conquests, even if it is imagined! You could be speaking from personal experience, of course. Despite this, you veer toward the perception of an ideal mate … so ideal, in fact, that your desire may be impossible to fulfill. Since opposites naturally attract, Aries could offer you more than all the other signs, but you may find it difficult to reconcile your differences. Your fellow air signs understand you better and a relationship with one of these may have a better chance of survival.