Leo 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

You now have a better idea of what you’re looking for in love and your indecision of last year has fallen away. You’re ready to take on a new relationship. Emotional security and a little stability may look more appealing than the excitement that accompanies your usual flirtation.

You may seek a spiritual connection rather than a love tie based on infatuation and physical attraction. Love can be a catalyst for spiritual transformation and reinvention. The sort of partners you attract are likely to transform not only your external world, but also your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. You’ll find that once you’ve transformed your inner world, your external world will follow suit. After all, your outer world mirrors your inner one. But don’t fret, passion and hot love chemistry will still form part of any new relationship and this promises to keep you on your toes for quite some time. For those who are married, passion will be re-ignited. If your relationship is unhappy, you may finally reach a decision about whether to rescue it or move on. Just avoid making hasty decisions if you’re confused.

Career and Finance

This is the year for prosperity and the strong financial trends of 2016 will continue strongly throughout this year, too. Lucky Jupiter continues to throw a favourable light from your money sector, bringing opportunity and benefit. Not only should you enjoy financial prosperity, but you may also have money to spend on leisure, vacations and fun. Financing creative endeavours will be easier; you’ll be able to pursue those hobbies you had on the back burner. You may enjoy greater understanding of financial trends and insights that will lead to better investment options. This is also a good year for education and skills enhancement. Those who want to study further should have the resources to do so. This can only improve your career prospects in the long run. By the end of the year, you’ll feel great satisfaction at having achieved your financial goals. Building new business contacts is facilitated and will benefit future career and job prospects.

What makes Leo happy? Being able to act dynamically and express leadership, while taking charge and control.


Your psychological health is better than ever before with Jupiter moving through the sign before yours till after mid year, dissolving old tensions and allowing you to relax more easily. No major planetary influences are affecting your physical health though with tense times in the world at large, you need to be rigorous about winding down when you can. Slow down in the month before your birthday.

Leo in love

Your strong devotion and passion with the right person could inspire you to great levels of being. However, once hurt or let down by someone, you will withdraw emotionally and it would be difficult to unleash your gentle qualities again. This can be remedied if you involve yourself with your zodiac opposite, Aquarius, but you will both have a lot of healthy adapting to do and growth will come through commitment to each other. For a fun relationship, you can’t go wrong with a fellow fire sign because enthusiasm will ignite your passion.