Gemini 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

The transformation that you experienced in your love life may continue, although the intensity may lessen as 2017 unfolds. But in order to gain a better understanding of who you are, it may be necessary to delve deeper than you feel comfortable.

What are your fears and desires when it comes to love? Why do you attract the people that you do? Are they instrumental in your growth or do they make you feel helpless and insecure? If you understand the principles at work in your intimate ties then you have the key to creating the love life of your dreams. Some of you may find that your current work situation and other obligations put a certain amount of stress on your relationships. Communication is the only way to resolve this. From January to August, romantic opportunities may be found through friends and you may even re-ignite passion with an old flame. From September, an upswing in the social tempo is promised and love may be found at parties, or even at a wedding or two.

Career and Finance

Discipline is required if you want to manage the trials at the beginning of 2017. After September you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts and your budgeting. Do you have unnecessary expenses that don’t benefit you directly? Eliminate what isn’t essential or doesn’t work for you. Debts incurred in the past need to be paid off. You can’t wait or put this off any longer. Your financial experiences may have you thinking twice before taking out future loans. Unexpected cash injections may be a plus and you may receive a tidy sum from an inheritance or estate. Examine your long-term financial goals and, if you’re unsure, seek the advice of an expert. Saving and wise investing will stand you in good stead in the future. Those seeking a career change may opt for something that gives them more time to do what they want. That 9-to-5 job may not look as inviting as it once did.

The slightly hyper active, highly strung Uranus Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, though waning in 2017, will still make you rather edgy at times. So finding ways of winding down your revved up nervous system will be important. Try to slow yourself right down from late March until your birthday and you will bounce with vitality through the rest of the year. November and December will be hard working so you will need to keep your stamina high then.

What makes Gemini happy? An exciting pace that brings constant movement, new encounters and mental stimulation.

Gemini in love

You are not easy to please in matters of the heart and you have difficulty in giving expression to anything concerning deep emotions. However, you are capable of being an outstanding partner in a love relationship, especially if you feel that you have found your ideal person. Your strongest inclination is towards your zodiac opposite, which is Sagittarius, even though your chosen soul mate may have great difficulty settling down. To complement your gift for conversation and your need to socialize, look to your fellow air signs, with whom you will have much in common.