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egyptian horoscope 2017

Your astrological Egyptian sign

You are the Nile if you were born: 1 to 7 January or 19 to 28 June or 1 to 7 September or 18 to 26 November.

You are Osiris if you were born: 1 to 10 March or 27 November to 18 December.

You are Toth if you were born: 1 to 19 April or 8 to 17 November.

You are Horus if you were born: from 20 April to 8 May or from 12 to 19 August.

You are Amon-Ra if you were born: from 8 to 21 January or from 1 to 11 February.

You are Geb if you were born: from 12 to 28 February. From 20 to 31 August.

You are Anubis if you were born: from 9 to 27 May. From 29 June to 13 July.

You are Sekhmett if you were born: from 29 July to 11 August or from 30 October to 7 November.

You are Isis if you were born: 11 to 31 March or 18 to 29 October or 19 to 31 December.

You are a Bastet if you were born: 14 to 28 July or 23 to 27 September or 3 to 17 October.

You are Seth if you were born: from May 28 to June 18 or from September 28 to October 2.

Egyptian Horoscope – Nile

You have a sense of responsibility, a very clear pragmatism, a reasoning aspect always realistic. You go straight to your goals, no matter what obstacles you find along the way.
Your obstinacy and constancy are your strengths in all areas. Often taciturn, plunged in your deep reflections, you give the appearance of calm, because you are introverted and very master of you. You will need to rely on time to reach your goals, success comes with maturity and it is at this time that you can fully give the best of yourself.

In the Egyptian horoscope, you follow your laws rather than let you impose those of others. Your temperament is discreet and reserved, but you have great hidden abilities. Your apparent calm conceals a profound sensibility. You are hardworking, but you generally have to wait until you are mature to progress to the top, you are ambitious and responsible, able to climb all levels of any hierarchy.
Your qualities are rarely visible in your youth, which can lead to a feeling of inferiority. It is important to accept responsibility, because it allows you to become aware of your value. You know how to deal with difficult situations, your common sense always allows you to find solutions. You tend to over-cover your surroundings and overprotect it, while keeping your emotional distances. Your family roots are fundamental to your eyes, and if you do not have them, you will never stop creating your cell. One must first overcome internal psychological obstacles before being able to act in serenity in intimacy.
In your affective life described in the Egyptian horoscope, you approach feelings with seriousness. Beyond your apparent reserve, you are whole, absolute and passionate. You have a deep need for stability, but your modesty stops you. Only your deep and deep sensuality allows you to express your attachments with happiness and exaltation.

Egyptian Horoscope – Osiris

Among the symbols attributed to the Lion, in the Egyptian horoscope are several myths, including that of the “Far Goddess” which returns from the south a leonine form at the time of the flood. It is generally represented on the snake that represents the Nile of the flood. He lends his image to the goddess Sekhmet. You are endowed with an entire temperament and asserted. Sure of you because you are naturally inclined not to doubt your value, you have easy contact with others and therefore great relational facilities.

You do not envisage defeat and you know how to stimulate your entourage. Your magnanimous spirit earns you many admirers. You have ascendancy over others, and a vast power of persuasion. Your strength of will is clearly above average, and you possess a great creative force. You hate walking on your feet or encroaching on your territory. The Egyptian horoscope warns you not to switch to authoritarianism and self-complacency. You possess a sense of humor and derision that makes you enjoyable, but you tend to hide behind a mask in too many circumstances, which prevents you from being perceived for who you are, which then poses Problems and misunderstandings. You must learn to ask the right questions, this will help you a lot.

In the Egyptian horoscope, you appear unconquered, theatrical, magnanimous, aristocratic and domineering and all these aspects of your personality are led to evolve on the path of altruism. Distracted, often in the clouds, you have a broad view of life and the world, looking to the future. You are able to cool when it comes to unraveling the most difficult problems. Your values ​​of introversion and morality prompt you to spiritual elevation and humanitarian knowledge. In fact, loneliness does not frighten you, it seems natural to you at certain periods of your life, and allows you to structure yourself, because it gives you a great freedom that allows you to be more interested in others.

In the professional Egyptian horoscope there is in your heart an important need for recognition and you are urged to realize and perfect yourself, but you find it difficult to admit your mistakes, both to others and to yourself . You are inclined, in any case, to perfect yourself, for you do not tolerate your failures. You know how to simplify and synthesize in a broad sense better than anyone, which will be extremely helpful when you get to command. It would be positive to direct you to an independent activity because the ties of subordination are a brake for you. You have great potential for social success, it is up to you to use it or not: Your need to develop yourself and your accomplishments are the keystone of your success. You are able to become a specialist in the field you have chosen. Elegant and refined, you are also endowed with a great magnetism and you know how to show off.

Egyptian Horoscope – Toth
Also in the Osirian ritual, the god put to death will become the judge of the deceased and will preside over their judgment. You have inner perception qualities that allow you to probe the authenticity of others. These dispositions make you, in the Egyptian horoscope, extremely sociable and tactful towards others. You flourish in society, in the framework of associations, exchanges in general.

Your Egyptian horoscope asserts that you have a mind with a remarkable facility to bind people together, avoiding incompatibilities better than anyone else. Diplomat, conciliatory, you need harmony around you, and are very sensitive to the moods. Vulgarity horrifies you, conflicts are odious to you. It is in peace that you are able to flourish your personal potentials.

You tend to hesitate a long time and are capable of sudden head shots. The apparent peace of your character can sometimes give the impression of a submissive or fearful person. But you always keep your independence and you need to take the time to weigh everything down before making a decision. You adapt to the most diverse circumstances. You can make it an immense force, that is why the trades of a relational character are the most favorable to you, it is in this framework that you can evolve towards the most beautiful successes.

You are represented, in the Egyptian horoscope, as clever, lively, and extremely observant. You have a keen sense of justice and fairness, because you are naturally inclined to evaluate the most complex situations accurately and without cold. Sensitive to the beautiful, the forms, the aesthetic refinement, you like to surround yourself with beautiful things, your ideal living environment must express harmony and refinement, of which you have the innate need.

Egyptian horoscope – Horus
Your horoscope explains that you are endowed with a bold temperament. Luck comes to you in the most comical situations thanks to your ability to seize it on the fly. You have this facility through your intuition to come to anticipate the events you feel you can aim for.

Baseness and pettiness are totally foreign to you: Generosity is your religion. You oscillate between periods of laxity and powerful periods of action, but it is the action that best suits you. You are eager to surpass yourself, which reflects a deep dissatisfaction, an intense need to always go to better. This will to progress allied with your frantic optimism you vital momentum to achieve your goals.

Epicurean, excessive, your nature, expressed in the Egyptian horoscope, is malicious and audacious and makes you a good alive when it comes to enjoy the joys of life. On the other hand, you are able to go through periods of restriction and hold on instinctively forging a philosophy that will keep you faith in the future. You are generous, you attract confidences, your friends know that they will find a real listening to you.

Your optimism, as it appears in your Egyptian horoscope, is communicative you know how to motivate others better than anyone, you like to advise, teach and you are always ready to go out of their way for your surroundings. You find in you a blundering side that gives you some remorse, you do not support the criticisms, you pack, you can only have to feel. You have a social side because you are very capable of integrating yourself into the social structures that can serve your ambitions. Poorly supporting domination, you will be able to climb the ladder to escape. Similarly, professions related to commerce, foreign, professorship, sport, philosophy, law, religion are areas in which you can excel.

Egyptian horoscope – AMON
You are endowed, in the Egyptian horoscope Amon, with an entire personality, reactive and voluntary. Dealing with limitations, your instincts push you to move forward is not only a vital need for you but also your best asset because it is in this way that you flourish the best.

Entrepreneur, courageous, proud, you never admit you beaten. Your reactions are immediate and spontaneous, and as a result, you do not know how to cheat. You know better than anyone to say things frankly, as you think, it is for others to take or leave. Diplomacy is not your forte, because in the end, you need to feel completely accepted without half-measures and for you the most effective way is to fight for your ideas, to defend them if necessary with authority.

The unexpected described in the horoscope does not scare you because you are perfectly armed to face it, and you rarely suspect it. On the other hand, your insubordination brings you the greatest difficulty in accepting regulations and authority. Needless to try to impose you anything without sparing you! Your intelligence is dominated by a very fast perception that saves you time on others. Your problem would be to control this energy and this impulsiveness, not to break your head on a wall at the first corner. You have the soul of an adventurer capable of taking big risks.

Energetic, rash in the Egyptian horoscope, you need a goal that you would not have to blush to truly accomplish. You easily anticipate events. You can simplify difficult situations. Impatience and impulsivity are your Achilles’ heels: if you can admit that in some cases you must add a good deal of perseverance to your actions, you will be able to know the greatest achievements and give the full measure of your business spirit.

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