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Chinese zodiac 2017 – more info about the year of the rooster

January 28, 2017 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and will be a year of success and success. The sign of the Rooster exists only in the Fire element unlike the other Chinese signs (except the Rat and the Rabbit). The Fire will be expressed in 2017 in the form Yin, which will bring clairvoyance, privileged relationships with the family and a rich inner life. The energy balance is very important for the smooth running of events, a year placed entirely under the sign of fire is therefore at risk, we must be very vigilant especially on the projects in which you thought to invest.

This year will be conducive to new encounters but also to major changes. Emerging couples will not, unfortunately, stay together very long, confronted with the vagaries of professional life, which will oblige one of them to settle in another region.
For couples of long duration it is however a good year to marry, Fire characterized by red is a color of passion but also the color of the dresses of married in China. If you expect a child, know that it will have a very proud and demonstrative character, attribute of the Fire.Rooster .

The Year of the Rooster of Fire is clearly a year of professional success, especially for the most audacious. Business projects will come to fruition and promotions will be at the rendezvous but for the more persevering only. Indeed, the Fire is not suitable for all signs of the chinese zodiac, and some will be destabilized by this lack of energy diversity.

Financially, this year 2017 will be marked by many financial transactions: Either you will borrow money, either sell personal belongings, or invest in new goods to improve your interior comfort. You will have to be extremely rigorous so that you never get caught off guard!

Good despite some nervous problems: Think of relaxing very often!
First fortnight: A little nervousness in the work due to the disastrous astral influxes. But your usual sense of organization as well as your good inspirations instilled by the Moon should allow you to overcome obstacles without too much difficulty and to put order in your temporarily neglected business. Be punctual and motivated, and do not waste your time in unnecessary chatter.

Second fortnight: In labor, the hour will have come to puncture an abscess that lasted too long. A conflict could therefore break out with one of your superiors or colleagues, but this will unblock the situation and clean up the atmosphere. For everything to work for you, be calm and modest. If you ride on your big horses, then you will lose all the benefit you could have gained from the event.

The years of the fire rooster reward, according to the Chinese horoscope, those who have shown patience and perseverance in their enterprise. It is a symbol for the government which, following the recommendations of the five – year plan, is attempting to rebalance its economic model of exports to internal consumption or, alternatively, to intensive capital growth, innovation.

But, as President Mao said, “the future is radiant, but the road is winding.” This transformation of the model of the second world economy is not without difficulty.

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