Capricorn 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life
There may be wedding bells for those who want to settle down. Confidence is high and you’ll feel comfortable about taking the initiative in romance and with friends. Rather than wait at home for the phone to ring, you’ll be out there searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

You may even fill your social calendar by hosting parties and arranging functions for those close to you. You’re top of the popularity charts when you go out of your way to bring people together. You can have lots of fun with teams or groups and you may bring in new, interesting friends. Those in committed relationships may continue going through a process of restructuring and change. It’s all about how you communicate with each other and giving yourselves alternative ways of dealing with various situations. Strive to create many more options for yourself.

Career and Finance
The importance of money may continue to be an issue in 2017, although a few changes are in sight. Intuition and all things spiritual will play a major role in financial matters. You’re generally very down-to-earth, so it’ll be interesting to see how you develop this in your financial arena. Education will be important to future plans and you may consider improving your skills set or talents in order to further your career. Your communication style and expertise will set you above the rest and give you the edge in business. The instability that you felt in the past should fall away, leaving calmer, more secure feelings and a strong sense of knowing what you want. Job promotions and pay increases will bring their share of responsibility and may detract from your leisure time, but should prove very rewarding.

What makes Capricorn happy? Fulfilling career opportunities that give authority and responsibility on the way to the top.


You need to be very aware of what your limits are. If your conscience pushes you into working harder than your body wants, then it will tell you so in no uncertain terms. So pace your schedule and take time out to listen to your physical needs. Giving yourself time and space to yourself will also help you to relax more, away from other people’s problems.

Capricorn in love

You remain aloof and only show your sensitive side when someone gains your confidence.

You are naturally a reserved person and you give the impression that the notion of romance is lacking in you but Cancer, your zodiac opposite, can unlock the key to your heart through family ties and a mutual desire for belonging. Your fellow earth signs make you feel accepted and they will share your practical sense. It may transpire that only Taurus can measure up to what you expect from a partner at a spiritual and sensual level.