Cancer 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

Love and romance are your priorities. If unattached, wedding bells may ring towards the end of 2017. Saturn, your love planet, is in your sign and there’s no stopping you. However, discretion is the better part of valour and there is no need to rush into anything.

Take things slowly in all your liaisons and be sure rather than sorry. Allow relationships entered into recently or this year to develop organically and slowly. The cosmic order is perfect. The best thing about this year is that you won’t have to pursue love; it will find you in a bookstore, crowded lift or even whilst walking the dog. Your career may put a damper on your social life early in the year. But this is just a temporary glitch. Maintaining a balance between career and social life will only become easier. Who knows? You may even bump into your love interest at work. Those in existing relationships need to avoid office affairs, as these may jeopardise their happiness. Family disputes and altercations with loved ones are temporary and will probably not affect the future of these relationships.

Career and Finance

Financial needs will vary over the months and you will be able to shape your career in ways that suit you. If you’re looking for a job, you may find it through someone close to you. A sibling may provide the contact that will put you into a new position. Those who prefer to work from home may find opportunities to do so. There’s possibility of joining a family business, too. The months following September should see you spending on those luxury items you’ve been eyeing quite some time. Thinking long-term practically will help you set a successful course for the next seven years. Goal setting will prove beneficial. Your energy levels may be low mid-2017 and this may have a negative effect on your work. Take avoiding action by focusing on the present, implementing good time management, honouring your responsibilities and not going into excess in any area.

What makes Cancer happy? A happy home life and committed relationship that are both defined and structured.


Keeping fit and boosting your stamina will be a top priority in what could be a slightly tough year. If you have any ailments, get them checked out since you will bounce back faster to top form with a little help. Just before your birthday may be a challenging time so make sure you are doing all you can to eat sensibly, relax and exercise to stay in good physical order.

Cancer in love

You cannot easily conceal your feelings when you fall in love, but you can be secretive when you wish to shield yourself from hurt in a relationship. You are capable of offering an enduring partnership to the right person. Your zodiac opposite, Capricorn, may succeed in providing the emotional security you seek, while your fellow water signs will make you feel at home in their company. You, in turn, can achieve happiness through someone with whom you are entirely at ease and you’re equally at home with Taurus and Virgo.