Yearly 2018 Horoscope – main astro events

The good news for Scorpions is that at the end of 2018, Saturn has been going out for a long time now from the money sector, hardly tried in the past two years. Moreover, before leaving the money house, Saturn has a good look with Jupiter from Balance, bringing important financial achievements to the final transit. The situation is unlocked and good news begins to flow from the autumn of 2016. Saturn still hinders abundance, urges you to save, but does not exclude gains, especially if you have worked hard for them. And especially when sustained by Jupiter and Uranus – there are unexpected sources of financing, but lasting, long-lasting, wage bill increases with surprising changes in work. Saturn well looked at the money house allows for important savings, maybe a great loan, by the end of the year.

The second good news for Scorpions is that as of October 2018, Jupiter will visit the zodiac predictions for 2018. The transition comes with opportunities in all areas, it brings personal growth and development, but also good news for love and children, because Jupiter is in good shape with Neptune Pisces, in the sector of love and children. They will discover new talents or achievements that will fill you with joy. Even though Neptune brought much confusion and risk of error in 2016, when it was in opposition to Jupiter and Saturn, now the love sector is well-seen by Jupiter in transit through your sign until the autumn of 2018. Breaking the Charm Irresistibly, expand your circle of friends and influence, make only inspired choices, this time. Especially in August, when Venus and Mars in Cancer comes with news from abroad (maybe a scholarship, a profitable journey, a beneficial relationship), encompassing the pyramid in water signs that sustains you in everything you propose.

A spectacular end-of-year

Jupiter over your native Sun is also in sex with Pluto in Capricorn in short trips, studies, specializations and training, writing and promotion. New business opportunities and contracts or changes in the work environment arise.

If you have proposed a real estate project, finish it until the fall of 2018, when your home, family, parents and home – are well-supported by planets. Career could get a new impetus in August-September, when Venus brings opportunities, and Mars in Leo urges you to act. The end of the year catches you in a state of creative or passionate effervescence, for Venus and then Mars transits your natal sun and sends good rays to Neptune in the entertainment, creation and love sector.

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Dear Pisces, and for you 2018 comes with good news in the money house and the common budget. If you received last year the requested marriage request, then this year your partner comes with the money. If not, Jupiter in Balance promises new sources of revenue and a long-term budget increase. Maybe not as substantial as it expects or would need, but at least to provide protection and relative comfort.

Financial growth could come in a package with sustainable promotion or achievement, because Jupiter is in sex with Saturn in your career. Hardly tried in the past two years, this year Jupiter and Saturn promise you recovery and stability – care for the decisions you make until autumn because they will have long-term effects. You can make good decisions in the last three months of the year, when Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio raises the veil of confusion and error, gives you intuition, imagination, creativity and real chances. Opportunities can occur in any field, but especially in the relationship with foreign countries, studies and specializations, travel and spirituality.

Coming back to the Pisces Financials, specifically targeted by planets this year – unexpected wage changes and sources of income, especially in February-March, when Mars and Venus pass through Uranus into your money house. Be careful about spending and do not make sudden decisions. Even if strong benefits are involved, the outcome of this transit is difficult to estimate. He targets your money and career, where opportunities are likely to emerge.

Professional Achievements and Career Opportunities

Chances of love and relationship with children occur in August, and service and health are well-seen by planets in September and October, but especially in November, when Venus and Jupiter are in the house of friends, relationships and hopes – To be fulfilled.

Still good news for you at this year’s end – Saturn has been out of Sagittari for a long time (27 years), where he spent almost three years in the field of your career and social status – a period of frustrations, delays, Of problems in the field. It is true that you also had accomplishments, but they came with hard work, endeavor and a price that is hard to pay at times. Starting in 2018, you have the freedom to develop professionally as you wish, and from autumn 2018 you will also have Jupiter’s support. So I come better years for you – very successful!