Aquarius 2017 horoscope

Romance and Social Life

You’re likely to maintain the status quo in your love life in 2017 and most relationships that were formed last year will stay in your life. This year is more about finance and career than finding that perfect partner and settling down. But single Aquarians born later in the sign shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a hectic social life and meeting that special someone.

Friendship is definitely more important this year. With transformation entering this arena, comes change. New friends will enter your life and old ones might move away. You may examine your friendships more seriously and weed out the ones that are no longer relevant. Your most active social periods are July to August and September to October. You may feel like retreating into your own world early in the year, but the universe will find ways to draw you out. Rather go with the flow than fight it. By April, your energy will be renewed and you’ll want to push ahead with gusto.

Career and Finance

Matters in this sphere of activity will become more important than ever. As you project an image of success, efforts at self-improvement and image enhancement are the investments in yourself that will pay off. Aim to market your professionalism and efficiency. With success comes greater recognition. Expect increased prosperity; you’ve the skills necessary to make an impact on your world. Not only will you achieve your goals, but other boons are also possible, such as foreign travel for example. This is the year for paying off debts and thinking more along the lines of saving and investing. Good news about tax and insurance claims may come your way. In October, you may have to deal with legal activities related to insurance benefits. Keep your eyes open for unexpected financial opportunities.

What makes Aquarius happy? The pursuit of knowledge and rallying to a cause that will make a difference to the world.


Feeling healthier though perhaps also hungrier with Jupiter in cancer till August, you will be ambling along more happily than some signs in a tense start to the year. There are no major planetary influence s on health for you but in general you need to step up your exercise routines to burn off surplus and to stay supple.

Aquarius in love

For you, true love ideally develops through enduring friendship. You expect more than the average person can offer. Your needs are for an equal partnership with someone who offers loyalty and who will allow you to develop as an individual. You are quite possessive, but you mean well and when you think that you have found true love, you will be able to debate the issue with yourself and triumph over primitive emotions. Leo, your zodiac opposite will draw you out, although this combination may be a little harsh for you. One of your fellow air signs may quite easily fulfill your needs as you will easily complement each other.