2017 Predictions

Overall, during the year 2017 each zodiac sign will have to learn an important lesson, both regarding themselves and regarding the relationships with the people around them. Intuition, introspection, caution are going to be the characteristic elements of the following 12 months. This year the representatives of each zodiac sign are going to be wiser or will be forced by the circumstances and by the people they interact with to become more mature.

Mercury will be retrograde four times during 2017, and the planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus once. Taking into account the fact that there are going to be 9 retrogrades during 12 months, all zodiac signs are going to have to learn various precious life lessons. An extremely important one regards the correct attitude towards work and finances. The signs will have to face the lesson of patience towards the family, the loved one and friends. Also, one way or another, all zodiac signs will learn the moderation lesson and, last but not least, the lesson of getting closer to nature.

There are several main issues regarding the triads that will be noticed in 2017.
The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) – will have plenty of time to take action in order to make themselves noticed and grant attention to the projects they have an interest in;
The Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) – will learn to relax and to appreciate more the lessons of compromise and patience;
The Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) – will have an impulse to find the best formulas for making a change regarding the vulnerable parts in their lives;
The Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) – will have to get out of their stagnation and comfort zone and learn the lesson of assertiveness and of imposing their point of view.

Important astral events in 2017

January 4th: Mercury returns to Sagittarius after it started being retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th 2016, an apparently reversed trajectory that is kept until January 8th;
February 6th: Jupiter starts its retrograde move in Libra (until June 9th)
March 3rd: Jupiter Rx-Uranus opposition
March 30th: Jupiter Rx-Pluto square;
March 4th: Venus starts an apparent backward move (in Aries and Pisces until April 15th);

April 6th: Saturn starts a retrograde move in Sagittarius (until August 25th)
April 10th: Mercury starts an apparently backward move (in Taurus and Aries until May 3rd)
April 20th: Pluto enters a retrograde move in Capricorn (until September 28th)
May 19th: Saturn Rx-Uranus trine;
June 16th: Neptune enters an apparently backward move in Pisces (until November 22nd);
August 3rd: Uranus starts the retrograde move in Aries;
August 4th: Jupiter-Pluton Rx square
August 13th: Mercury enters a retrograde movement (in Virgo and Leo until December 5th);
September 28th: Jupiter-Uranus Rx opposition;
October 10th: Jupiter enters Scorpio;
November 11th: Saturn-Uranus Rx trine;
December 3rd: Mercury enters an apparently backward move in Sagittarius (until December 23rd);
December 3rd: Jupiter-Neptune trine;
December 20th: Saturn stays in Capricorn;


February 11th: penumbral lunar eclipse in Leo;
February 26th: annular solar eclipse in Pisces;
August 7th: partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius;
August 21st: total solar eclipse in Leo.